MUA Luxe Enchanted Eyeshadow Palette

I feel like MUA have really upped their game this year with their new releases in my opinion, as last year I wasn’t really taken by any of their launches but I’ve found myself more intrigued in MUA’s launches this year than I have Makeup Revolution, especially as Makeup Revolution have began raising their prices due to obvious popularity. I was especially intrigued by their two newest palettes from their Luxe range which consists of slightly more luxurious products than their main line.

MUA have launched two six shades palettes; MUA Luxe Enchanted Eyeshadow Palette and the MUA Luxe Enrapture Eyeshadow Palette, and I bought the Enchanted Palette from the two as I felt like the Enrapture Palette was a little too neutral, and dare I say boring whereas the Enchanted Palette contained mauvey and lilac tones which really appealed to me.

MUA Luxe Enchanted Eyeshadow PaletteMUA Luxe Enchanted Eyeshadow Palette

The MUA Luxe Enrapture and Enchanted Palettes are packaged within small, compact and slim black plastic palettes with a mirror within the lid. The set out of merged shadows within the pan is visually quite similar to the Hourglass Modernist Palettes, but I’ve seen people describe them as being ‘dupes’ but I wouldn’t say they’re dupes as it’s just a visual similarity.

However seeing as I don’t own the Hourglass palettes I can’t comment on similarities in terms of formula, but the MUA palette is £6 and the Hourglass palettes are £56 – £50 difference. Just because something looks similar, it doesn’t mean it’s a dupe which definitely happened with the W7 Making Waves Eyeshadow Palette which is hands down one of the worst eyeshadow palettes I’ve ever tried.

MUA Luxe Enchanted Eyeshadow Palette

The MUA Luxe Enchanted Eyeshadow Palette contains five powder eyeshadows which are laid out in an almost rippled effect, with all the shadows having a shimmery finish. I do like the merged format of the shadows as you can use shades individually, blend all five together or choose to blend in between shades so it offers a few options but I prefer to use the shades individually or they can become mixed and messy.

When I first tried the first shade within the palette, it felt very stiff and offered poor pigmentation which I was gutted about as I assumed the whole palette would be a disappointment just like the W7 palette but thankfully the quality was considerably better for the other four shades within the palette.

MUA Luxe Enchanted Eyeshadow Palette

The first shade is a pretty pale pink in the pan, but it’s a poorly pigmented pinky gold which I just don’t bother to use as it doesn’t pick up onto the bristles of a brush. The second shade is a rose gold, the third is a slightly warmer toned rose gold, the fourth is a mauvey bronze and the fifth is a deep bronze. It’s a shame the first shade is so awful but the other four shades are a lot better but sadly the best shades have the smaller pans so I wish they’d just left the first shade out of the palette as it’s pointless.

Even with the first shade being disappointing, I still think the MUA Luxe Enchanted Eyeshadow Palette is worth £6 as the other shades are so pretty and easy to apply. My favourites shades are the last two and together they make for an easy smokey eye with a mauvey twist and I like that the shimmery finish can be intensified by using my fingertip to apply them. Due to the softness of the shadows, they do create a lot of fallout but it’s to be expected from a budget palette.

Although I like this palette, I don’t think I’d be tempted to buy the Enrapture Palette as the shades aren’t particularly unique but I’d be interested to know how the formula compared to this palette and see if there were any quality discrepancies across the shades like there is in this palette.

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