Bliss Mask-a-Peel Radiance Revealing Vitamin C Spa Masks

The Bliss Mask-a-Peel Radiance Revealing Vitamin C Spa Masks £20 is the newest skincare release from the Bliss brand and are described as a spa-intensive rubberizing, peel-away face mask for radiant, youthful looking skin

Supercharge your skincare regime with our new spa-powered peel-away formula. Packed with a powerful blend of vitamin C, antioxidants, nourishing bilberry extract and detoxifying seaweed, this glow-getting formula not only revives dull skin, but hugs every facial contour creating an occlusive barrier allowing your skin to optimally absorb out skin brightening blend leaving your skin vibrantly refreshed.

Bliss Mask-a-Peel Radiance Revealing Vitamin C Spa Masks

The Bliss Mask-a-Peel Radiance Revealing Vitamin C Spa Masks are £20 for three masks working out at £6.66 each which does feel a little pricey for a single use mask, but that’s just my personal opinion. Each of three masks are packaged in almost a yogurt-like pot, with a foil lid and the box includes a spoon to mix the masks before the use. The key ingredients within the masks include; Vitamin C and antioxidants which work to exfoliate and brighten for a glowing luminous complexion, Bilberry extract which nourishes and conditions lacklustre skin increasing its vitality, and Seaweed extract which cleans, detoxifies and reduces redness with anti-inflammatory benefits.

Bliss Mask-a-Peel Radiance Revealing Vitamin C Spa Masks

Clinical Results

  • 87% of women said their skin looked radiant, bright and more youthful*
  • 93% of women said their skin looked and felt smoother*
  • 91% of women said their skin felt instantly refreshed and hydrated**

(*Based on a 3 week perception study of 55 healthy female subjects between the ages of 29-45 / **Based a ten-minute consumer perception study of 55 healthy females between the ages of 29-45)

Bliss Mask-a-Peel Radiance Revealing Vitamin C Spa Masks

Each of the Bliss Mask-a-Peel Radiance Revealing Vitamin C Spa Masks need to be used by pouring cool water into the cup upto the line (but not exceeding it), and then mixing the powder with the water thoroughly with the spoon within the box for a minimum of 30-40 seconds until a smooth, thickened paste appears.

Once the mask becomes a paste, promptly apply a thick and even layer of paste onto clean, dry skin using the spoon and avoiding the eye area, and wipe the spoon clean with a warm, wet cloth after application. You need to leave the mask on the skin for 15 minutes and then peel the mask off, and retain the spoon for the other masks within the box.

The powder within the pot is a grey colour, and the paste looks a little intimidating at first after pouring the water in but the paste becomes a little more mask like once thoroughly mixed. I would recommend mixing the mask for longer than the 30-40 seconds as I find the mask to still be too runny for applying to the face as the first time I applied it, I found that it just dripped off my face causing an absolute mess.

The longer I mixed the mask, the thicker the consistency became so it didn’t drip at all on my second attempt. The mask is relatively easy to spread over the skin with the spoon, and it begins to set within a matter of minutes, and it feels a little tight on the skin similar to how clay-based masks feel and I couldn’t wait to peel it off as it was feeling pretty uncomfortable after ten minutes.

Normally with peeling masks, you need to apply a thin and even layer as thicker layers don’t peel away but it’s the complete opposite with this mask as it needs to be thick for it to peel off like rubber, and it peels off the skin in one which was a lot easier than in comparison to application. My skin was left looking noticeably radiant and clear, but I think the mask might be a little much for my super sensitive skin as it left my skin looking a little red and inflamed, and in need of copious moisturiser.

I think the Bliss Mask-a-Peel Radiance Revealing Vitamin C Spa Masks might be better suited for those with oily to combination skins rather than dry and sensitive like mine, as it doesn’t impart any moisture, and it felt rather drying but there’s no doubt that my skin looked a lot more radiant after use; but it was red and radiant.

 I do think £20 is quite pricey for three masks, but they’d be good for special occasions or nights out when you want your skin to look visibly better in a short amount of time but I won’t be able to use the third mask as I think it’s a little too harsh for my skin but I’ll pass the third onto a friend with skin which is a lot more well behaved than mine so it won’t be wasted but they were certainly fun, and unique to anything I’ve tried previously.

Do you like using peel-off face masks? Have you ever tried the Bliss Mask-a-Peel Radiance Revealing Vitamin C Spa Masks?

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