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MAC Full Coverage Foundation

When it comes to foundation and concealer, I never try MAC’s products as their palest shades are too dark for me however I stumbled across the MAC Full Coverage Foundation on Pinterest as I was looking for a super pale concealer, and I saw a pin which said that the MAC Full Coverage Foundation in the shade W10 was the perfect concealer for the palest of skintones. I immediately decided to purchase on their website as the shade NW10 is too dark for my skintone but somehow the W10 shade looked like it was indeed super pale and a potentially good shade match and it’s a generous size as it’s £26 for 28g which is a lot of product for a cream compact foundation.

MAC Full Coverage Foundation

Full Description

This smooth, blendable formula was developed for the professional makeup artist who wanted an emollient-based foundation with full coverage. Water-resistant and long-wearing, it can cover most scars, blemishes and birthmarks.

Available in a wide rage of colours, the cream cake can achieve sheer coverage by applying a small amount using a moist sponge, or full coverage by stippling it on using a dry sponge. Compatible with latex and other special effects synthetics. Great for beauty photography.

MAC Full Coverage FoundationMAC Full Coverage Foundation

The MAC Full Coverage Foundation is packaged within the old style Mineralize Skinfinish compacts, with a large clear lid. The compact isn’t completely airtight so when I go to use it, the very top of the surface is a little hardened so before using it I simply use my finger to swipe around the pan just to get rid of any hardness which isn’t a big deal but I would prefer a slightly tighter lid to keep the foundation airtight. I think the newer Mineralize Skinfinish compacts would be better for this foundation as the lids close more securely so fingers crossed they’ll update the packaging on this foundation too.

Swatches of the MAC Full Coverage Foundation

MAC Full Coverage Foundation

W10 really is my perfect shade, and you can’t really see any lines where it begins or ends on my skin which is always a good sign. I am super pale with a strong cool undertone but I find W10 to be quite neutral in tone which surprised me but it matches me so I’m very happy. I agree with the pin I saw about it being a better concealer than it is a foundation due to how full coverage it is.

I wouldn’t wear this foundation as a foundation as it’s not particularly forgiving on my dry skin as it highlights dry patches although when applied with a Beauty Blender, it doesn’t cling to dry patches as much so it’s definitely my preferred method of application. When using a damp beauty sponge it offers more of a medium to full coverage rather than a super full coverage foundation so it looks a little more natural on the skin and it doesn’t emphasise dry areas as much.

MAC Full Coverage Foundation

I am so happy I took the plunge when purchasing this foundation as it is such great value when using it as a concealer as it will last me forever. I’ve found that if my skin is particularly dry, I can apply a couple of drops of facial oil to the back of my hand and dab the sponge into the foundation and then into the oil on my hand and it creates a dewier more forgiving effect, especially with blemishes which are going through the unsightly dry phase.

I think this would be the perfect option to carry around in your makeup bag too as you can apply with your fingers as use it to touch up both your concealer and your foundation although there isn’t a mirror within the compact, but I always carry around a separate mirror anyway so it doesn’t bother me too much. I think the MAC Full Coverage Foundation deserves a lot more praise within the beauty community as I’ve never even heard of it until I came across it on a late night Pinterest session, and I can imagine it being something I definitely repurchase; if it ever runs out that is.

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