Morphe Rose Gold Brush Collection

Morphe are one of my favourite makeup brush brands as their brushes are incredibly affordable, and they have such an amazingly extensive range of brushes which are available to purchase within the UK from Beauty Chamber so you don’t have to worry about costly custom fees. Morphe Brushes’ newest brush collection is the Morphe Rose Gold Brush Collection which consists of 31 different brushes in a mixture of synthetic and natural bristles, all with a beautiful matte black handle and shiny rose gold metal ferrule. The collection is simply stunning and I love rose gold so I couldn’t wait to try some of the brushes, and I’ve been trialing 5 of the 31 brushes and I am just so impressed with so I really hope I do the brushes justice in my descriptions but you really have to try them to understand how flippin’ good they are..

Morphe Rose Gold Brush CollectionMorphe Rose Gold Brush Collection

Morphe R7 Deluxe Pointed Powder Brush £15.95

This is the largest brush out of the five I own and has a pinched ferrule and fluffy, tapered bristles which claims to give this brush a versatility that lends itself to powder, blush or bronzer depending on the angle of the brush. You can choose to use the tip for a more defined placement or place it on its side for more diffused colour. The bristles of this brush are very soft, but not as soft as the others but I feel that this is actually a good thing for a powder brush like this, as it allows you to build up coverage should you wish to rather than just brushing powder from side to side over the face. I’ve found that the rounded shape of the bristles works well for applying powder, but also blush and bronzer so it’s a real multi-tasker.

Morphe Rose Gold Brush Collection

Morphe R5 Pro Pointed Contour Brush £12.95

Described as a tapered natural brush with a slimmer, shorter shape that is ideal for a precise contour and great for dusting off powder. I love the shape of this brush as the bristles are shaped into a rounded point making it ideal for contouring with powder as it’s nice and fluffy but the precise point is good for applying highlighter too. I have absolutely zero interest in ‘baking’ – nobody got time for that, but if you do have time for it, I imagine it’d be good for dusting off your powder.

Morphe Rose Gold Brush Collection

Morphe R31 Highlight Definer Brush £5.99

A defined highlight brush with a rounded tip for diffused color and precise placement, the shape of this brush is so unique as it’s almost a rounded eyeshadow shading brush except it’s considerably bigger which I’ve never seen before for a face brush. The bristles are incredibly soft, and I think I could use this brush for almost everything as I really like the rounded shape. My favourite way to use this brush is for applying blush as I like my blush to be rather subtle and natural, and this rounded brush fits the apple of the cheek perfectly, but it works for applying bronzer, powder and highlighter and I’d love a brush for each use as it’s my favourite from the five that I have.

Morphe Rose Gold Brush Collection

Morphe R39 Tapered Blending Brush £5.99

If you have to choose one eye brush from the Morphe Rose Gold Brush Collection, it has to be R39 as it’s the most perfect blending brush, and I actually prefer it to the MAC 217 brush and this brush is a third of the price of the MAC 217 which is crazy, but I’d much rather have three of these for the price of a new MAC 217. Morphe describe the 217 as a versatile blending brush with a pinched ferrule and tapered head. It can be used on its side or with just the tip to apply shadow to the lid, blend color in the crease or sweep out the outer third of the eye.

Morphe Rose Gold Brush Collection

Morphe R41 Pencil Crease Brush £4.99

A short, dense bullet-headed natural brush that’s perfect for packing color into the crease or outer “V”, and can also be used to buff out the lower lash line. I feel like a pencil brush is such a must-have within your makeup collection especially one as good quality as this one as it’s dense enough to offer concentrated colour, but it’s fluffy too as it works to not only place colour, but to diffuse it too. I love using a pencil brush to carry my shadow along my lower lashline no matter what shadow I’m wearing, and if I’m wanting a more intense eyeshadow look, the R41 works wonders at deepening the outer corner in a way which you can’t see where the deeper colour begins and where it ends. I think you could create almost any eyeshadow look with the R41 brush and the R39 brush and the quality really is amazing, especially for the price.

I cannot recommend the Morphe Rose Gold Brush Collection enough.. the brushes really are their best brushes they’ve released in my opinion, and they are certainly worth the price, and I can’t believe how affordable the whole collection is considering the quality. The brushes not only look luxurious, but they feel that way too and they don’t feel like they’re a mass produced makeup brush range which I’m sure they are, but they feel so much more luxe and special than the likes of their other brushes and I imagine it will be their most popular brush range to date.

Have you got any of the Morphe Rose Gold Brush Collection brushes?

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