NYX Sugar Mama Baked Blush – Same Name Two Different Shades?!

If you’re a beauty obsessive like myself, I’m really hoping you’ve done what I’m about to admit but I bought the NYX Sugar Mama Baked Blush twice in two separate occasions and when I realised my mistake, I was going to pass on the duplicate to a friend until I realised that by looking at them next to eachother they were completely different shades. I didn’t want to have to admit to buying the same product twice as it’s pretty embarrassing but I knew I had to blog about the difference between these two blushes as it’s pretty crazy that they’d differ so much when purchased a couple of weeks apart. I bought my first NYX Sugar Mama Baked Blush online from Feel unique and loved the formula so much that when I was in Boots, I bought a couple of other shades – one of which was another Sugar Mama which I didn’t realise until I got home. The NYX Baked Blushes are £6.50 each and contain 6.5 grams of product which is pretty great value.

NYX Sugar Mama Baked BlushNYX Sugar Mama Baked BlushNYX Sugar Mama Baked Blush

The NYX Sugar Mama Baked Blush is packaged within a black, square plastic box with a clear lid with a pretty bow clasp on the front. The NYX Baked Blushes are described as being an illuminator and bronzer which is baked for a luxurious formula packed full of pigments to provide a natural glow and highlight to the face. NYX Baked Blush is uniquely designed to be used wet or dry depending upon the makeup statement you want to make. When used dry with a brush the look is light and fresh. Want more color? No Problem! Apply wet with a makeup sponge for more intensity.

NYX Sugar Mama Baked Blush

I appreciate that with baked products, shades can differ slightly as they’re individually made rather being mass produced but the shades are considerably different for being the same shade. The first NYX Sugar Mama Baked Blush I bought from Feel unique is a peachy orange shade with a satin finish, and the NYX Sugar Mama Baked Blush I bought from Boots is a pale peachy tan shade with a strong golden shimmer so it’s not just the shade which differs, it’s the finish too.

I know I’m an idiot for purchasing the same blush twice but I just wanted to highlight the difference between these two shades incase you were planning on purchasing any of the NYX Baked Blushes as I’d recommend looking at them instore to check the shades as I like the Feel unique shade but not the Boots shade. I’d love to know if you’ve ever had this happen when purchasing products, have the colours ever differed so considerably?

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