Essence Strobing Highlighter

27th November 2016

I love checking the Essence website every season to see which new products they’ve launched, and when I spotted the Essence Strobing Highlighter £3 on their website, I eagerly awaited it’s launch onto the Wilko website. Essence products are only available to purchase from Wilko here in the UK and I never find the Essence stands to be very well stocked around where I live so I tend to order my Essence products from the Wilko website instead so I was excited when I spotted that the highlighter had been to their website.

Essence Strobing Highlighter

 I really hate the whole ‘strobing’ trend as I don’t feel like it needs a specific name in my opinion, and it’s just a way for brands to make more money by having highlighters AND strobing powders when they’re essentially the same thing. I didn’t purchase the Essence Strobing Highlighter for its name, but I liked the look of the colour from the photos I’ve seen online and Essence tend to do some great highlighters so I did have high hopes.

Essence Strobing Highlighter

The Essence Strobing Highlighter’s powder has a slight rippled design to the pan and there is an obvious glitter within the powder which I hadn’t noticed online, and I’m not a an of glittery products for the face so I was worried the powder would make me an unattractive glitterball. The glitter does translate onto the skin unfortunately but the level of glitter is dependant on how much you apply and your method of application.

Essence Strobing Highlighter

I’ve found that by applying with my fingertips, there is less obvious glitter but when using a brush the glitter tends to adhere to the skin more. The powder has a pale champagne colour which is actually darker than my skintone so I have to be careful with how much I apply or it can leave stripes of beige on my cheekbones. Sadly for me the Essence Strobing Highlighter contains too much glitter for a ‘strobing’ powder and it’s not very soft so I feel like it highlights the miniscule hairs on my face which isn’t a good look. Normally Essence do such a great job with their highlighters but for me, your £3 would be better spent elsewhere.

Essence Strobing Highlighter 1
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