MAC Gravity’s Pull Spellbinder Shadow

11th November 2016

The MAC Spellbinder Shadows are one of the most unique beauty launches I’ve seen in a long time, and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one to see how they worked. The new MAC Spellbinder Shadows have already launched Stateside and they’re set to launch within the UK in December at all MAC locations but they are limited edition so you’ll have to move quickly once they launch. There are eight shades to choose from and I have the MAC Gravity’s Pull Spellbinder Shadow which MAC describe as a dark purple which couldn’t be more perfect for me as purple is my favourite shade, especially deep and intense purples like this.

MAC Gravity's Pull Spellbinder Shadow

The Spellbinder Shadows are described as having black, ionised pigments which are magnetically charged fusing the loose powder together so it magically maintains its form and dimension within the jar. The shadows are packaged within matte, black glass circular containers and they contain 0.8 grams of product and will retail for £16 each once they launch.

MAC Gravity's Pull Spellbinder Shadow

The formula of the shadow is insane and unlike anything I’ve ever seen before beauty wise. The shadow has a ridged design which shows the beautiful dimensional shades within the shadow and when you touch it, it feels extremely soft like a cream but the shape doesn’t move or change like it feels like it should once you press it. Due to the pigment particles being magnetically charged, if you hold a paper clip over the top of the shadow, the pigment particles float up to the paperclip and it blows my mind that a makeup product behaves like this – it is so cool!

MAC Gravity's Pull Spellbinder Shadow

Gravity’s Pull is a deep, dark and intense purple which translates a little darker than the shade within the pot but it’s such a beautiful shade as it is so multi-dimensional. I’ve been experimenting the best way to apply this shadow formula and I’ve found that using a brush isn’t ideal as it causes a lot of fall out onto the cheeks due to the pigment consistency of the shadow.

MAC Gravity's Pull Spellbinder Shadow

I’ve found that the best way to apply the shadow is to apply an eyeshadow primer to the lid and then set the primer with a skin coloured eyeshadow or setting powder and then apply the Spellbinder Shadow with a fingertip as the setting powder stops the pigment from looking patchy and uneven.

MAC Gravity's Pull Spellbinder Shadow

I can hands down say I’ve never touched such a velvety soft eyeshadow as the MAC Gravity’s Pull Spellbinder Shadow, it feels like it should be a creamy mousse shadow. The colour is just so pretty and I love that you can opt for a softer look or an intense look depending on how much you apply to the lids and the colour of the base shadow you’ve applied the Spellbinder Shadow over. I can’t wait until these launch on the MAC website as I need Cosmic Clash (a deep green) and Higher Power (rich deep brown) in my collection too as they look equally stunning.

I’d love to know what you think of the new MAC Gravity’s Pull Spellbinder Shadow?

MAC Gravity's Pull Spellbinder Shadow 1
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