Q-Labo Skincare Additions

Q-Labo is a skincare brand with Swiss-made formulas which are designed for sensitive skin and the products specifically exclude known irritants, plus a few suspected toxins such as parabens, phthalates, Sulphates, Alcohol, Phenoxyethanol and more. Q-Labo are so confident with their high-tech skincare formulas that they claim you’ll be able to see visible results within one to two skincare cycles after using their toxin-free products.

I had never heard of the Q-Labo brand until they reached out to me but after researching the brand, I was looking forward to be testing the Q-Labo Eauphoria Complete Moisture Treatment and Q-Labo Collagenerous Advanced Youth Rejuvenator exclusively for the last five weeks.

Q-Labo Eauphoria Complete Moisture Treatment + Collagenerous Advanced Youth Rejuvenator

Q-Labo’s skincare approach is that you can give your skin the moisture and nutrients without causing any unnecessary irritation, and you shouldn’t have to wait a long time to see results. Q-Labo claim that their products not only soothe inflammation, but they also help to prevent further inflammation whilst reducing moisture loss and strengthening the skin barrier.

Q-Labo Skincare

The products also protect against cellular damage caused by UV rays and environmental pollution with products suitable for all skin types. Each of the Q-Labo skincare products have been thoroughly tested with each formulation being repeatedly tested for at least a year to ensure the products are effective and kind to the skin.

Q-Labo Skincare

Q-Labo Eauphoria Complete Moisture Treatment

Described as being the perfect product for skin that’s dehydrated, as the gel-lotion infuses the skin with instant moisture restoring vitality and an healthy glow. The gel is packaged within a plastic tube, which supposedly has five layers to fully protect the contents’ active ingredients. The science behind this particular product is so impressive and I’d recommend checking out the product page to find out more but the key benefits at a glance are;

– Helps restore the skin barrier and replenishes skin’s water supply

– Locks in moisture and reverses water loss leaving skin plumped and smooth.

– Thirsty skin feels constantly hydrated.

The gel has great viscosity and glides over the skin and feels almost like water just like the name suggests, and is definitely the lightest serum I’ve ever tried. My skincare routine has been to use the Eauphoria after cleansing before my facial oil, and then followed by the Collagenerous and then moisturiser. I find the Q-Labo Eauphoria as being incredibly soothing on my dry, sensitive skin and I love how much it calms any irritation I might be experiencing.

One of the skincare buzz-words right now is Niacinamide and everyone is on the hunt for products which feature it and the Eauphoria does at a 4% concentration which is great so it’s no wonder it’s such a lovely skincare treatment as it feels like a drink for the skin. It also contains Hyaluronic Acid which is known for its moisture retention properties and I’ve really been enjoying this step within my skincare routine as my skin really does look and feel considerably less dry and dehydrated.

Q-Labo Skincare

Q-Labo Collagenerous Advanced Youth Rejuvenator

This product has a fun tagline; ‘time travel for your skin in 15 days’ which is also a pretty bold claim. The Q-Labo Collagenerous Advanced Youth Rejuvenator has seven high-performance technologies which work together to fight against signs of ageing. The product has a cream-like consistency and is so moisturising, Q-Labo advise you can skip your moisturiser step if you wish and I genuinely find that in the mornings I don’t need to use an additional moisturiser when using this step beforehand which never happens as my skin is so dry. Just look at some of these claims;

– It contains a Copper Proline Lysinate Complex – this firming complex increases collagen I content up to 179%, collagen III content up to 194%, and elastin content up to 190%. Reduces wrinkle depth by 15% and volume by 13% within 15 days. Leaves skin looking more energized and redensified.

– This revolutionary product designed to restore Collagen III, also known as youth collagen, targets the entire spectrum of skin aging factors. Besides significantly reducing wrinkles and fine lines, this multi-tasker repairs the skin barrier and locks in moisture, fights free radical damages caused by UV and pollution, and restores a natural glow.

The cream is contained within an airless container to ensure the contents are completely fresh and I tend to apply two to three pumps over cleansed skin and is absorbs easily just like the Eauphoria. Although I have found that the Collagenerous will be weightless on the skin no matter how much you apply, but if you’re a little generous with Eauphoria it can leave a slight tackiness for the skin for around 20 minutes which isn’t a deal breaker but something to consider if you’re generous with your skincare steps.

I would liken the Collagenerous as being similar consistency wise to an hydrating makeup primer as it fully moisturises the skin for makeup and it also makes my skin look a lot smoother and refined, and my dehydration lines on the tops of my cheekbones are less noticeable which I never anticipated. I am so impressed with my first foray into Q-Labo skincare, and I love the whole brand ethos and that their products only contain skin-loving ingredients with no nasties and I’d recommend their products especially if you have super sensitive skin like myself.

Have you ever tried any Q-Labo products before? If you haven’t, which product would you like to try?

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