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ColourPop Moment of Weekness Ultra Matte Lip Collection

ColourPop have totally blown up this year and everyone talking about them. I have a ColourPop haul coming very soon with the items I purchased during their Black Friday sale but I was so impressed as my order came extremely quickly and everything was very well packaged and I’m now dying to make another order. My order consisted of seven of their Colour Shock Shadows but until now I hadn’t tried any of their cheek, eye or lip products but didn’t want to go too crazy with my order because of potential customs fees. After their much loved shadows, the ColourPop Lip products are definitely their next most popular line and they have many different lip formulas and formats to choose from. Let’s move onto the ColourPop Moment of Weekness collection..

ColourPop Moment of Weekness Ultra Matte Lip Collection Review and Swatches

The ColourPop Ultra Matte Lips are super popular and I’ve read nothing but rave reviews about them. They’re each priced at just $6 yet they’re intensely pigmented, long lasting and not to mention they have an extensive shade range too. ColourPop are known for their frequent launches and collections and their newest launch; the ColourPop Moment of Weekness Ultra Matte Lip Collection is possibly one of their most fun yet.

 I’m sure I wasn’t the only child that had days of the week underwear and socks back in the 90’s and the Moment of Weekness is inspired by that retro trend with an Ultra Matte Lip shade for every day of the week. You can purchase all seven shades within a set for $35/£28 or you can purchase the shades individually for $6/£4.90 but you do save money by purchasing the set and the packaging of the set is really cute.

ColourPop Moment of Weekness Ultra Matte Lip Collection Review and Swatches

Each of the seven Ultra Matte Lips within the ColourPop Moment of Weekness Collection are packaged within different coloured boxes with each having their own little icon to sum up the day with Monday being an unhappy face, Wednesday a camel for hump day and an heart for Saturday although these icons are just on the boxes and are not printed on the tubes themselves.

If you’re new to the ColourPop Ultra Matte Lips, they’re packaged within clear plastic tubes with silver lids and holographic writing with a soft doe foot applicator which is effective for creating a precise and crisp lip line. ColourPop list some helpful application tips on their website for each of their products to help you get the best results. They recommend bare, dry and exfoliated lips and using a matching lipliner for the lipline for the best, neat application. They also recommend storing the tubes upright and shaking them before use.

My favourite way to apply the ColourPop Ultra Matte Lips formula is to apply a light base layer initially and once the initial layer has dried, proceed with a further layer to intensify the colour and disguise any patchiness. They dry relatively quickly for such a pigmented, matte formula in just five to ten minutes and once they’ve dried there’s absolutely no budging them unless you use an oil based makeup remover.

ColourPop claim that they are completely kissproof and long lasting and they’re 100% right which is incredible for just $6 a shade. Whilst wearing this matte lip formula, I’d recommended staying away from oily foods as the oil will begin to breakdown the lipstick but apart from oily foods, you have nothing else to worry about once they’re on the lips.

Prior to applying any of the shades, I like to use a lip scrub beforehand such as the Saturated Colour Lip Scrub to gently buff the surface of lips to eradicate any dryness or texture for a smoother application. I personally don’t find this formula to be super drying on the lips but you could use a little lip balm before application or pat it gently over the top of the liquid lipstick to keep your lips as hydrated as possible during wear time.

ColourPop Moment of Weekness Ultra Matte Lip CollectionColourPop Moment of Weekness Ultra Matte Lip CollectionColourPop Moment of Weekness Ultra Matte Lip CollectionColourPop Moment of Weekness Ultra Matte Lip CollectionColourPop Moment of Weekness Ultra Matte Lip CollectionColourPop Moment of Weekness Ultra Matte Lip CollectionColourPop Moment of Weekness Ultra Matte Lip Collection

Sunday: Soft Terracotta

Monday: Warm Peachy Beige

Tuesday: Vivid Coral Red

Wednesday: Vivid Hot Pink

Thursday: Brilliant Red Violet

Friday: True Black

Saturday: Saturated Blackberry

I cannot get over the incredibly intense pigmentation of the ColourPop Moment of Weekness collection, with every shade except Saturday being just one single swipe of the doe-foot applicator whereas Saturday is slightly thinner in consistency compared to the others and I needed two swipes for full opacity for the swatch. The applicator holds and applies the perfect amount of product for both lips in one application, however if you need a lighter layer you can wipe off any excess on the inside of the tube before applying to the lips.

I’ve found that once I’ve applied the lipstick to my lips, it’s best to allow it to dry fully before pressing your lips together or it can get a little patchy. The ColourPop Moment of Weekness ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip formula is without a doubt, one of the best matte liquid lipstick formulas I’ve ever tried as they’re so easy to apply. I’m not even a massive fan of matte liquid lipsticks so hopefully that emphasises just how good these are to impress me as much as they have and I can’t get my head around the fact they’re just $6 each. They don’t feel or look like a budget lip product, and I really love the sleek packaging with clear tubes so you can see which shade is which.

My favourite shades within the ColourPop Moment of Weekness Ultra Matte Lip Collection are definitely Sunday and Monday as I love a nude lip but I genuinely love every single shade apart from Friday and that’s only because I know I can’t pull off black lips. However I love how fun and quirky ColourPop is a brand to include such a shade within this lineup, and I reckon you could even get away with using as a liquid liner if you had a small enough brush as the formula is so longwearing and is a super intense matte black.

I am so excited about ColourPop as a brand as I really do feel they’re unique to any other brands right now especially with their ability to create fantastic quality at such low prices and I’m thrilled they now ship to the UK so we can now get our ColourPop fix. I’m currently deciding which items to order next, and I’ll definitely be adding some of their Lippie Stix, Ultra Glossy Lip and Ultra Satin Lip products to my order alongside more shadows as I love them so much.

Have you ever tried anything from ColourPop? Do you have any specific product or shade recommendations? Let me know below..

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