Morphe Pressed Pigments

When the news broke that Morphe were releasing a collection of Pressed Pigments, I was instantly excited as I’m such a massive fan of their eyeshadow palettes. If you own a Morphe Palette (or three), you’ll know that the shades differ in finish, and that some of the palettes offer foil shades which are intensely pigmented and amazing, so I was excited at the prospect of a collection of shades with the same foil like shine, and intense pigment.

The Morphe Pressed Pigments have just launched in the UK at Beauty Chamber and they retail for just £5.50 each which is absolutely incredible as each shade contains 3 grams of product, and when you compare it to the likes of Makeup Geek’s Foiled Shadows which contain 1.8 grams of product and cost £9.25 – so nearly half the price for almost double the product.

Morphe Pressed Pigments

I do like the Makeup Geek Foiled Shadows however when they launched in the UK on Beauty Bay, they were £8 each but Beauty Bay have raised their Makeup Geek prices constantly taking advantage of the MUG popularity. I refuse to pay £9.25 for a solo pan shadow when you get MAC shadows for £10 a pan, so these Morphe Pressed Pigments at just £5.50 definitely piqued my interest and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them. There are an amazing 30 different shades within the Pressed Pigments Collection and Beauty Chamber have the whole collection.

Morphe Pressed PigmentsMorphe Pressed PigmentsMorphe Pressed PigmentsMorphe Pressed Pigments

The Morphe Pressed Pigments are made with over 80% of pure pigments to deliver intense colour payoff without the fallout and inconvenience of a loose pigment, and can be used either wet or dry. Each of the pigments are packaged within circular, black plastic pans with clear lids.

When I featured these pressed pigments on my Instagram I was asked a couple of times if they could be depotted, but I haven’t tried to depot them myself but you perhaps could as the pigment is within a silver metallic pan however due to the softness, they could crumble easily so I wouldn’t try depotting mine as I like the clear lids as I can see which shade is which easily.

Morphe Pressed Pigments

Each of the swatches above are done by swirling my fingertip around the pan two and half times, with absolutely no base or primer used and as you can see the pigmentation is fantastic and the texture is amazingly smooth. Some of the foiled shades in the Morphe 35 Palettes can be a little gritty or textured, but these really are the opposite as they’re so silky and smooth.

I love the look of every single shade within the collection, but I have four shades so far but I’ll definitely be adding more shades to my collection as I’m blown away by them. The shades I have are; 5 Star Luxury (a copper), High Class (a warm bronze), Richly Made Up (a olive green) and Champagne Nights (a slightly pink toned pale champagne).

I particularly like that these Pressed Pigments can be applied with a brush, as shadows like this sometimes apply better with a fingertip but I like to use a synthetic eyeshadow brush for application. The Champagne Nights shade has become the most popular from the range thanks to Nikkie Tutorials using it as an highlighter but I’m not sure it works as an highlighter for my skintone but it’s the most stunning eyeshadow and inner corner highlighter.

I haven’t tried any of my four shades wet as I’ve been happy with the results I’ve got when using them dry, but I like that I can use them wet should I want to. I cannot recommend these enough and would definitely recommend heading over to Beauty Chamber to snap them up as they’re very popular this party season.

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