NYX White Pro Foundation Mixer

20th December 2016

I have exceptionally pale skin and I choose to embrace my paleness which surprises a lot of fake tan brands which come across my blog as they assume that those with pale skin obviously need fake tan. We don’t. If we want to use fake tan, then great however I never use fake tan so it makes purchasing base makeup products very difficult. I can’t help but smile when I see bloggers mention how super pale their skin is yet they’re two shades from the bottom of drugstore foundation shade ranges.

It’s not a competition but I’m totally unable to go to any makeup counter I want to, to get shade matched as brands just don’t counter for those of us that have extremely pale skin, and especially those with extremely pale skin and a strong cool or warm undertone. I know the situation is the same for those with the deepest of skintones, as brands – both drugstore and highend simply do not cater for the palest and deepest of skintones which is very frustrating to say the least and I honestly believe I’ve wasted over £1000 or more on foundation, concealer and powders which don’t match me and leave me looking like a goldfish.

NYX White Pro Foundation Mixer

Every time I wear foundation, I have to use a form of lightening drops to lighten the lightest foundation shades available prior to application which is such a faff but necessary and I’ve tried so many different brands over the years to try and find my perfect foundation lightening solution. I have tried the Barry M White Foundation, Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation in White, Body Shop Lightening Drops, Manic Panic Virgin Dreamtone Foundation and more.

All of them work to a degree but usually they alter the formula and coverage of my chosen foundation or leave behind a very visible white cast. All I wanted was a white foundation mixer which I could use with my existing and future foundation purchases to lighten the colour, without altering the tone of my foundation nor the formula and I’ve finally found the PERFECT product to deliver all of my requirements and more; the NYX White Pro Foundation Mixer.

NYX White Pro Foundation Mixer

The NYX White Pro Foundation Mixer available from Cult Beauty, is a 30ml plastic tube of intensely pigmented white foundation. I’ve found that quite a few ‘white’ foundations have a strong stench of paint such as the MAC White Face and Body Foundation and the Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation in White, however the NYX White Pro Foundation Mixer doesn’t have a detectable scent whatsoever and has the consistency of any normal foundation without feeling chalky or greasy.

The NYX Pro Foundation Mixers are an excellent range of coloured mixers, with six different colour options in total with each retailing for just £7.50 which is amazing as you only need a pinpoint amount of product per foundation application so it’s excellent value for money.

The range of six mixers include;

  • White – Designed to lighten.
  • Deep – Deep brown shade designed to darken
  • Warmth – Burnt orange shade to add warm tones
  • Olive – Deep beige shade with an olive undertone
  • Opalescent – Sheer white with an opalescent shimmer for additional glow
  • Luminous – Champagne cream with gold undertones and subtle sheen

NYX White Pro Foundation MixerNYX White Pro Foundation Mixer

I really hope my mixture of swatches gives an idea of how concentrated the Mixer is, and how effective it is at lightening a foundation without changing the warmth/coolness like a lot of foundation mixers do. I have absolutely nothing negative to say about the NYX White Pro Foundation Mixer – it is such a fantastic product, and one I couldn’t possibly be without as it’s made such a massive difference to my makeup collection as I can use any foundation shade in the world now by simply adding some of this mixer.

When it came to concealer, I’d usually just put up with shades which were too dark as it didn’t matter as much as foundation not matching but now I mix the White Mixer with foundation, concealer, BB creams – anything and everything cream based which doesn’t match me. I cannot recommend the NYX White Pro Foundation Mixer enough, and if you have a pale to light skintone I’d really recommend adding the White Pro Mixer to your collection as it’ll be an invaluable addition and give you a lot more options with your bases.

Do you think the NYX White Pro Foundation Mixer will transform your foundation collection like it has mine?!

NYX White Pro Foundation Mixer 1
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