Laura Geller Hydrating Spackle Treatment Primer

30th January 2017

I have quite a ridiculous collection of makeup primers as I’m always on the hunt for the perfect primer which improve the longevity of my makeup, but most importantly will make my makeup look as good as possible without clinging to my pesky dry patches. My current favourite primer is definitely the Guerlain L’Or Radiance Concentrate Primer but it’s a little too luxurious for everyday wear, so on the days where I’m wanting a more minimal makeup look I like the Laura Geller Soothing Spackle Treatment Primer. The Soothing Spackle Primer is very gentle and you guessed it.. soothing, which is ideal for when my skin’s feeling particularly dry and uncomfortable. I used to own the Laura Geller Even-Tone Spackle Treatment Primer but I ended up giving it to my friend as I didn’t find myself reaching for it very often but when I was gifted the Laura Geller Hydrating Spackle Treatment Primer £25 I couldn’t wait to give it a try.

Laura Geller Hydrating Spackle Treatment Primer

Laura Geller have an amazing 11 different makeup primers to choose from which I find a little overwhelming but it’s great there’s a lot to choose from. The primers are packaged within plastic tubes which contain 59ml of product and cost £25 each which might sound like a lot but the Benefit POREfessional Primer contains less than half the volume with just 22ml and it retails for £24.50. Laura Geller describes the Hydrating Spackle as the following:

“A multi-tasking marvel that not only perfects, but also hydrates skin with moisturizing ingredients for normal to dry skin. This vitamin-rich formula moisturizes and soothes skin while priming it for make-up application. Formulated with natural, soothing and hydrating ingredients such as Aloe Vera Gel and Cupuaçu Seed Butter.

96% of women saw an immediate improvement in skin hydration.
83% of women saw an immediate improvement in fine lines & wrinkles.
86% of women saw an immediate improvement in evenness of skin tone.”

Laura Geller Hydrating Spackle Treatment Primer

The Laura Geller Hydrating Spackle Treatment Primer is white in colour and has the consistency of a moisturiser and blends into the skin easily to leave the skin feeling soft and smooth. I don’t notice any blurring or skin perfecting qualities when using the primer but it doesn’t make any claims to, so I like to use a little POREfessional across my cheeks and nose to blur any imperfections before applying my foundation.

Laura Geller Hydrating Spackle Treatment Primer

In terms of being a primer, I found that it was OK. It didn’t make any difference in the hydration levels of my skin, nor did it minimise my dry patches but it did help my makeup to last throughout the day. I really like the Soothing Spackle as it does soothe any redness or irritation but I just haven’t found the Laura Geller Hydrating Spackle Treatment Primer to be very effective and I can’t help feeling it performs just how a moisturiser would and I don’t think it’s worth its £25 price tag unfortunately. I know a lot of people love this primer but sadly for me, it wasn’t any different to a day cream and I’d rather choose the Soothing Spackle as it’s more effective.

I’d love to know if you’ve tried any of the Laura Geller Spackle Primers?

Laura Geller Hydrating Spackle Treatment Primer 1
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