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MAC Lip Scrubtious

Every morning before I start my skincare and makeup routine, I always use a lip scrub as I wear a thick lip balm over night (usually the NUXE Reve de Miel Lip Balm) so I like to scrub away any remnants of the balm as well as any dead skin cells. I then like to apply a nourishing lip balm so it can work its magic whilst I do my skincare and makeup and blot my lips with a tissue before applying my lip product of choice to remove any excess product.

I think it’s quite hard to find lip scrub products but my favourite two until now are the ELF Lip Exfoliator and the LUSH Lip Scrubs. You can make your own very easily but I’m personally all about the convenience. However I have now found my PERFECT lip scrub and balm in one product… The NEW MAC Lip Scrubtious.

I do really like the ELF Lip Exfoliator but I don’t find it to be as scrubby as I’d like it to be as it’s rather gentle. Whereas the LUSH Lip Scrubs are delicious but they are SO messy to use thanks to the dropping of the sugar granules so I have to use it over the sink and it’s a bit of a faff in all honesty and they don’t have the longest of shelf lifes.

The worst lip scrub I’ve ever found/used are the Clinique Sweet Pots which feature two pots; one side is a translucent ‘tinted’ balm and the other side is a lip scrub. The scrub pot is pretty pointless as it hardly contains any scrubbing particles and the balm doesn’t impart any colour no matter which ‘shade’ you purchase.

MAC Lip Scrubtious

The MAC Lip Scrubtious collection is a five strong lineup of five different scented and flavoured lip scrubs which launch in the UK on the 2nd of February (just in time for Valentine’s Day) on counter and on the MAC website and let me tell you.. they’re going to be a bestseller for sure. The flavours include; Candied Nectar, Sweet Vanilla, Fruit of Passion, Summer Berry and Sweet Brown Sugar.

Each MAC Lip Scrubtious is packaged within a colour coded round plastic pot with a rubberised domed lid – similar to the lids of their Pigments and Glitters. Each of the pots contain a generous 15ml of product and will retail for £12.50 each which I genuinely think is a great price for them and they have a good shelf life once opened too.

MAC Lip Scrubtious

The consistency of the Lip Scrubtious is like a thick lip balm with lots of tiny sugar particles. With the LUSH Lip Scrubs you have to scoop out a small amount of the scrub to then rub on your lips but with the Lip Scrubtious formula, it’s essentially a lip balm which you’d apply like any other lip balm with the additional benefit of the tiny sugar particles buffing your lips.

There is absolutely no mess, no falling sugar particles and no need to do it over a sink as the sugar remnants can be simply wiped away with a tissue and the lip balm continues to deeply condition the lips. The Candied Nectar scent is heavenly and reminds me of tropical cocktails with a peachy melon kind of scent/flavour and adds a little much needed sunshine into my mornings when the weather outside is dull and depressing.

The other four varieties sound equally appealing and I would love for MAC to release this divine lip balm as a standalone lip balm as the formula is truly perfect. It’s non-greasy, comfortable, delicately scented and flavoured and intensively hydrating so you don’t have to keep reapplying throughout the day. When I use the MAC Lip Scrubtious in the mornings, I don’t even feel the need to apply any further scrub or balms throughout the day which is fantastic especially as the weather is particularly cold and drying right now.

MAC Lip Scrubtious

I think everyone needs one of the Lip Scrubtious varieties in their life even if you don’t suffer from dry lips. Regardless of whether your lips feel dry or not, it’s important to scrub the lips to remove dead skin cells.

Just like you use a chemical or manual exfoliator on your face, your lips also need exfoliation to keep them looking smooth and healthy and will also help your lip products adhere better. If you favour fuss free beauty like myself, the MAC Lip Scrubtious lip scrubs are as fuss free as you can get as they’re essentially a 2 in 1 allowing you to exfoliate and hydrate your lips in one easy step. What’s not to love?!

Will you be purchasing one of the MAC Lip Scrubtious lip scrubs once they launch? Which flavour would be your favourite?

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