MAC Vanilla Pigment

MAC Vanilla Pigment

Until recently I’d never tried any of the MAC Pigments but I’d always wanted to yet didn’t really know how to use them. I decided to finally bite the bullet and place an order on the MAC website after watching a YouTube tutorial using some of the MAC pigments with MAC Fix +. I used to have the full size of MAC Fix + but I ended up selling it on in a blog sale as I didn’t really see the point of it, but I decided to buy the smaller size for using with pigments as I have other facial mists I prefer. MAC have an huge range of pigments to choose from with a total of 45 shades yet they frequently add new shades as part of their collections and they also sell Glitter too but I’m not a fan of using glitters unless it’s in a glitter liner format as they’re much easier to use with no glitter fall out. I decided to purchase MAC Vanilla Pigment as I liked that it could be used as an highlighter or an eyeshadow, and MAC describe it as being a “soft ivory white” in a frost finish but I really don’t think the description gives the shade justice at all as it’s stunning.

MAC Vanilla PigmentMAC Vanilla PigmentMAC Vanilla Pigment

The MAC Pigments contain 4.5g of product and cost £16 each which might sound quite expensive but you only need the tiniest amount of pigment for each application so this pot will last for a considerably long time. The Pigments are packaged within clear, round plastic jars with rubberised plastic lids. I like how compact and easy to store the packaging is, and the clear packaging makes it easy to see which shade is which. Inside each of the pigment jars have a little plastic disc stopper helping to keep the pigment from spilling and I tend to pick up the pigment from the back of the plastic disc with my brush especially when using a damp brush so I don’t dampen the pigment in the jar.

MAC Vanilla Pigment

The MAC Vanilla Pigment is beautifully pigmented with a subtle golden shift which becomes more prevalent when used damp, and I like to spritz my eyeshadow brush before picking up the pigment and then swipe the brush across my lid for an intense, metallic effect. I think Vanilla looks a little plain in the pot but it really is a stunning shade and can be used with absolutely any other colour eyeshadow as a topper, or you can use it on the cheeks over blush/bronzer or as an highlighter for additional glow. I find Vanilla’s duochrome effect to be so pretty and I love trying it with other eyeshadow shades especially matte shadow looks when I want a pop of shimmer in the centre of my lids. There are so many uses for Vanilla such as mixing it with body lotion for a sheen on the skin, on the centre of the lips or even mixed with your foundation for a radiance glow.

MAC tend to release miniature pigment sets around Christmas but I wish the smaller size vials were more accessible as I’m never going to get through this jar so it might be good to go halves with a friend and share the pot between you because you’d never get through even half of the jar as it’s so intensely pigmented meaning you only need the tiniest of amounts. I absolutely love the MAC Vanilla Pigment and I’m planning on purchasing Melon, Old Gold, Copper Sparkle, Blonde’s Gold and Golden Olive next as they look equally beautiful and I know I’d get a lot of use from them.

Have you ever tried the MAC Pigments? Do you have any favourite shades?

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