Mavala Nail Polish Thinner

Mavala Nail Polish ThinnerMavala Nail Polish Thinner

I’ve had the Mavala Nail Polish Thinner for around a year now but I realised that I’ve never featured it on my blog before, but it’s one of my nail care favourites so I figured it was time I featured it. I bought the Mavala Nail Polish Thinner from Feelunique for £6.85 on a bit of a whim to be honest. I hadn’t heard anything about it before and I didn’t even bother to check for reviews prior to purchase which is most unlike me as I check for reviews online before purchasing anything. I’ve got a ridiculously large nail polish collection but as I change my nail polish 2-3 times a week, I am constantly rotating my polishes but there’s nothing worse than going to use a polish and discovering the formula has become gloopy and thick. Thick polishes can still be used but they tend to take ages to try and they don’t give the smoothest of finishes so I’d been looking for a specific nail polish thinner and I decided the Mavala Nail Polish Thinner was worth a try.

I’ve seen people recommend adding nail polish remover to your nail polish bottle to ‘thin’ the formula which is definitely not a good idea. The reason why nail polishes thicken and become gloopy due the solvent evaporating. If you add nail polish remover to your polish, it will actually break up the nail polish formula so a specific thinner is recommended as it simply replaces the solvent which has evaporated and will make the polish return to its original state rather than being thinned.

The Mavala Nail Polish Thinner contains 10ml of product and the directions recommend adding two to three drops of the thinner to your thickened polish and I then roll the polish between my palms to ensure the drops mix with the polish to un-thicken the consistency. Generally I’ve found that 2-3 drops will suffice but polishes which contain glitter/shimmer or are ‘gel’ effect tend to need 3-5 drops but I always start with two and add more one drop at a time if needed as I don’t want to go overboard and end up with watery polishes.

The thinner works amazingly well and I cannot recommend it enough. I’ve thrown away endless gloopy polishes as I assumed they were past the point of being saved but this product brings polishes back to life even when I thought they couldn’t as they were insanely thick and gloopy. If you like using glossy, gel-like topcoats such as Seche Vite, you’ll know how quickly the formula thickens but a couple of drops of this thinner remedies any thickness and they become as good as new in a matter of seconds so it’s definitely a product I’d recommend for anyone who wears nail polish as £7 is nothing if it can help preserve the life of your nail polishes.

Have you ever tried any Mavala products before?


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