NYX Nude ‘tude High Definition Blush

I have always been a fan of NYX as a brand so I was delighted when their products started being stocked on Feelunique and in Boots. I have a few of the NYX Blushes from when they used to have a prism shape design on the powders but they reformulated their whole powder blush range with new formulas, new packaging and new shades.

The NYX Taupe Blush is my all time favourite contour powder for pale skin as it’s a genuinely cool toned grey powder which is absolutely perfect for creating a natural contour on the skin and I managed to purchase three of the old formula before the new range launched as the Taupe shade changed in colour which is seriously gutting but hopefully I’ll be OK for a couple of years thanks to my backups. After I got over the fact NYX had ruined my favourite contour shade, I decided to purchase one of the new blush shades and I chose the NYX Nude ‘tude High Definition Blush £6.

NYX Nude 'tude High Definition Blush

The packaging of the NYX High Definition Blushes is a lot nicer with a slim, square compact with rounded corners and a clear lid so you can see which shade is which, and the lid has a cute little bow on it which is a nice touch. I did like the packaging of the old style blushes but they were a nightmare to store as they had a domed lid so they took up a lot of room, however the new style packaging is much more compact and easy to store. NYX describe their High Definition formula as; a high definition lightweight blush that blends evenly. This vibrant and silky blush delivers a beautiful flush of color and is paraben free.

NYX Nude 'tude High Definition Blush

The NYX Nude ‘tude High Definition Blush shade is described as a ‘peachy nude’ but for me it’s more of a peach toned brown shade which is very warm in tone, with a matte finish. It’s such a strange one for me as I like the shade when swatched on my hand or on other people but I just can’t decide if I like it on my skin as I feel like it’s just too warm for my cool toned skin and it makes me look muddy.

NYX Nude 'tude High Definition Blush

I have tried using this shade as a blush, as a bronzer and as a blush/bronzer all in one and I just don’t think I can pull it off. Formula wise the NYX Nude ‘tude High Definition Blush isn’t great as it’s very powdery, soft and a little difficult to blend which is such a shame as the formula of the old NYX blushes was the complete opposite and I hope this is just a one off and the other shades perform a little better but I’m not 100% sure I’d want to chance the £5.50 again incase the formula is as disappointing as this one.

Have you tried the NYX Nude ‘tude High Definition Blush formula? What do you think of this shade?

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