ELF Studio Ultimate Blending Brush and Contouring Brush

20th February 2017

ELF Studio Ultimate Blending Brush and Contouring Brush

I’ve got quite a few of the ELF Studio Makeup Brushes and I really do rate them, with their Studio Powder Brush and their Studio Small Stipple Brushes being brushes I use very regularly. I have to be honest, I’ve not tried any of the newer ELF brushes after they shut their UK website down a couple of years ago but now they’re back with another UK website I definitely need to try more of their brushes as they have so many new styles. Two of their newer brushes are the ELF Studio Ultimate Blending Brush and Contouring Brush; both of which I was kindly gifted by ELF for being part of their #elfbeautysquad which they invited me to join so I couldn’t wait to try them.

ELF Studio Ultimate Blending Brush and Contouring Brush

The ELF Studio Ultimate Blending Brush £7.50 has a matte black wooden handle, and glossy black metal ferrule with synthetic bristles. The brush features a large, domed shape brush head with densely packed bristles so it can be used all over the face and through the natural contours and crevices for an even, seamless finish.

The super soft synthetic bristles can be used with liquids, creams, mousse or powder formulas and the bristles are supposedly hand cut, shaped, and assembled by artisans for expert craftmanship for a luxury experience which is pretty impressive for a £7.50 makeup brush.

The brush head is the perfect size as it can be used for applying powder, foundation or even blush/bronzer if you use a lighter hand. I can’t get over how incredibly soft the bristles are, and it feels so weighty and luxurious in the hand during use.

ELF Studio Ultimate Blending Brush and Contouring Brush

The ELF Studio Contouring Brush £7.50 also features a matt black wooden handle with a glossy black metal ferrule and synthetic bristles. The brush has a slim elliptical structured shape with densely packed bristles for adding dimension along the cheekbones, forehead, and jawline for targeted contouring.

ELF describe the brush as being perfect for using with pressed or loose bronzer powder, liquids, and creams to create beautiful sculpting all over the face and is also made by artisans with expert craftsmanship to cut, shape, and hand-assemble the ultra-fine synthetic hair for a luxurious experience.

I find some contour brushes with this shape can be a little too thick or chunky so they create too harsh a contour, but this brush is just perfect as it allows for precision for application whilst also being flexible enough to blend the product out. It is especially great for contouring the sides of the nose as the brush head is so narrow and you can even use it under your bottom lip for extra definition as it is so precise.

I’d love to know if you’ve tried the ELF Studio Ultimate Blending Brush before, and if you have any favourites?

ELF Studio Ultimate Blending Brush and Contouring Brush 1
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