Milani Eyeshadow Primer

4th February 2017

Milani Eyeshadow Primer

I really like Milani as a brand but until recently it was hard for us in the UK to get our hands on their products, so when I discovered Beauty Chamber stocked their products, I knew I had to order some products I’d been eyeing up. I bought the Milani Eyeshadow Primer £7.99 because I’d heard such amazing things about it and I was coming towards the end of my Urban Decay Primer Potion.

The Milani Eyeshadow Primer claims to intensify and extend eyeshadow wear for over eight hours with a lightweight invisible finish which works on all skin tones. I don’t have oily lids so I don’t need to worry about creasing or smudging with my eyeshadow but I do like to always use a primer as I like how they intensify the colours and weartime of my shadows.

Milani Eyeshadow PrimerMilani Eyeshadow Primer

The primer is packaged within a silver, plastic squeezy tube with a fine nozzle and I tend to squeeze a pin sized amount per eye as you really don’t need very much at all. The colour and consistency is practically identical to that of the Urban Decay Primer Potion and their ingredients lists are very similar too.

Milani Eyeshadow Primer

When I saw that the tube only contains 9ml of product, I was a little disappointed as it didn’t seem like very much product for the money but when I checked my Urban Decay Primer Potion I noticed that it only contains 10ml and it retails for £17 so to get the Milani Eyeshadow Primer for £10 cheaper (with 1ml less) is a considerably better deal and they offer identical results in terms of improving the longevity of my shadows and intensifying their colours. I have to say I much prefer the packaging of the Urban Decay Primer but I can’t justify paying £10 more for nicer packaging when they perform exactly the same so I’m very happy to have discovered an amazing budget alternative.

Do you have any favourite Milani products you’d recommend? I’d love to hear your recommendations..

Milani Eyeshadow Primer 1
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