MoroccanOil Texture Collection

MoroccanOil Texture Collection

The MoroccanOil Treatment is my all time favourite haircare product and I’ve loved the other products I’ve tried from the MoroccanOil haircare range, so I was excited when I found out that they’d added some new products to their MoroccanOil Texture Collection on the Feel unique website. The MoroccanOil Texture Collection includes three styling products which are all enriched with MoroccanOil to give a ‘new take on texture’ and the MoroccanOil Texture Collection consists of the MoroccanOil Texture Clay, MoroccanOil Beach Wave Mousse and MoroccanOil Dry Texture Spray.

MoroccanOil Texture CollectionMoroccanOil Texture Collection

The MoroccanOil Texture Clay is described as being a mouldable clay that defines and sculpts to create natural looks with a matte finish and strong hold, and features a blend of argan oil, shea butter and bentonite clay for piecey, roughed-up styles.

The Texture Clay can be used by both men and women with customisable versatility which allows for time to style before the hold sets in to build to a desired level of texture for both short and long hair. The clay works to tame and control frizz all day long and leaves behind a non-sticky and non-greasy finish, and the directions recommend rubbing a small amount between palms and evenly distribute through damp or dry hair.

When I saw that this was a ‘clay’ I didn’t think I’d want to use it as clay based styling products never work in my super long, fine hair but I tried to keep an open mind when using it and made sure I only used a tiny amount in my dry hair.

When I use the clay in my damp hair, I don’t notice particularly effective benefits so I prefer using it on my finished style to tame my pesky baby hairs and help accentuate my layers. I asked Rob to try the clay in his hair as I likes using similar products on his super short hair and he loved it as it held his style all day long without being hard/crispy so I know I’ll need to watch out incase he tries to steal it.

MoroccanOil Texture Collection

The MoroccanOil Beach Wave Mousse is described as being an upgrade on the classic seal salt spray as it offers a long-lasting texturised beach hair look with an unique salt-free formula which provides tousled texture without dehydration in a mousse form for greater application an styling control.

The mousse can be used to create waves with a flexible hold whilst UV absorbers protect the hair from sun damage and maintain colour vibrancy offering a no dehydrating, stiff or sticky textured finish. Hair type wise, the mousse can be used on; straight, wavy, curly, coiled and tightly coiled hair and is free from parabens and phtalates too.

The first time I used this mousse I definitely applied way too much as my hair was left looking extremely dull and laden down with product and I thought I applied a relatively small amount but my hair is very fine so the next time I tried it I only use half a golf ball sized amount and went for a more sparing approach as the pump does dispense quite a lot of product quite easily. Once dried my hair is left with lots of texture and my naturally wavy hair looks even wavier although it does dry down to a matte finish so I like to use a shine spray afterwards to add a little shine back into my style but less is most definitely more.

MoroccanOil Texture Collection

The MoroccanOil Dry Texture Spray is described as a dry argan-oil infused texture spray for effortless, undone styles with long-lasting hold. It can be used as a finishing spray for additional hold and volume, or as a prep spray to provide foundational grip needed for non-slip braids and updos. The Dry Texture Spray contains a particle matrix of high-performance resins and zeolite which form a bond between hairs for a texturised hold with a dry gritty finish.

The Dry Texture Spray is my favourite product from the MoroccanOil Texture Collection trio and is one of the nicest texturising sprays I’ve tried as it’s lightweight and doesn’t make my hair feel too gritty and knotty.

I always like to use my hair straighteners or curling wands on my hair but I don’t like how shiny and ‘perfect’ it leaves my hair looking as I much prefer my hair to look a little more tousled and beachy so this spray is perfect after styling my hair to add a little more body and volume as well as helping to make my styles last longer too – it also smells amazing which makes it even nicer to use.

Overall I am really impressed with the new MoroccanOil Texture Collection as a whole, but my two standouts would have to the Texture Clay and Dry Texture Spray, but the whole collection is well worth a look.

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