Sigma SigMagic BruShampoo Review / Swatches

8th February 2017

Sigma SigMagic BruShampoo

Cleaning my makeup brushes is my most loathsome beauty task and I’m very guilty of putting the task off way more than I ever should and I’m sure I’m not alone. I absolutely love everything to do with makeup, but the idea of washing my makeup brushes literally fills me with dread. My brush cleaning world was revolutionised thanks to the incredible StlyPro Makeup Brush Cleaner and Drier, however sometimes I prefer using a conventional brush shampoo when I only have a couple of brushes to wash and don’t want to set the StylPro up. I’ve tried baby shampoo, Dr Bronner liquid soaps, solid brush shampoo soaps and more but I’ve never really loved anything enough to recommend here on my blog but I finally have a brush shampoo I can recommend; let me introduce you to the new Sigma SigMagic BruShampoo which is available exclusively at Beauty Chamber.

Sigma SigMagic BruShampoo

The Sigma SigMagic BruShampoo is 100% natural and uses virgin coconut and ethically sourced palm oil to effectively dissolve product build-up, oil residue and harmful bacteria to enhance the functionality of your makeup brushes.

The packaging is really sleek and lovely with a plain white bottle and box but with holographic writing which really catches the light and the bottle has a pump which is so handy when dealing with wet/soapy hands. I didn’t really know what to expect in terms of scent with this brush shampoo but it smells divine with a nice, subtle coconut scent which doesn’t linger on the brushes as it is very subtle.

Sigma SigMagic BruShampooSigma SigMagic BruShampoo

To use the soap I like to pair it with my Practk Brush Cleaning Tool (reviewed here) so I simply wet my Practk under the tap, and then dispense half a pump of the shampoo directly onto the mat and then swirl my wet brushes within the soap on the raised ‘wash’ bumps to helps dislodge any makeup which is within the bristles. The soap does a fantastic job at dissolving my makeup quickly and efficiently and doesn’t leave any residue on my brushes whatsoever.

I really didn’t expect the Sigma SigMagic BruShampoo to be particularly effective due to being 100% natural as I didn’t find the Dr Bronner soaps to be very effective but the SigMagic BruShampoo is the most effective brush cleaner I’ve tried and my brushes dry quickly whenever I use it making it an absolute winner.

What is your favourite makeup brush cleaner?

Sigma SigMagic BruShampoo Review / Swatches 1
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