Superdrug Facial Masks

Superdrug Facial Masks

Sheet masks are super popular right now, but I’ve been using sheet style masks for a few years now as I love the Tony Moly Sheet Masks, but I’m really glad that they’re a lot more accessible now. I noticed that Superdrug had released a range of sheet masks so I chose a couple as well as their new eye masks to give them a try as my skin is particularly dry right now and in need of some serious moisture. The Superdrug Facial Sheet Masks are £1.29 each and are available in both Hydrating and Purifying formulas.

Superdrug Facial MasksSuperdrug Facial Masks

Superdrug Hydrating Facial Sheet Mask

In need of a quick beauty fix? Drench dry, thirsty skin with this Superdrug Hydrating Five Minute Facial Sheet Mask; the ultimate at home express pampering treat. Soaked in highly moisturising Plant Collagen and Glycerin combined with refreshing Pelvetiane® Seaweed, it infuses the skin with vitamin goodness, leaving it feeling ultra-smooth, soft and supple.”

This sheet mask was the one I was looking forward to the most as I love using hydrating masks when my skin’s feeling a little dehydrated. The mask is wrapped into quarters within the packet and it’s drenched in fluid, with a decent thickness that covers the entirety of the face with slits for the nose, mouth and eyes. It feels nice on the skin as it’s cooling and refreshing, but once I’d removed it from my skin I didn’t notice any skincare benefits and my skin looked and felt exactly the same. I think it’s a nice enough mask but I wouldn’t recommend its £1.29 price tag as there are much better masks to choose from such as the Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask which actually does make an improvement to my skin.

Superdrug Facial MasksSuperdrug Facial Masks

Superdrug Purifying Facial Sheet Mask

In need of a quick beauty fix? Reawaken skin’s vitality with this Superdrug Purifying Five Minute Facial Sheet Mask; the ultimate at home express pampering treat. Soaked in a cooling and refreshing blend of Tea Tree and Spearmint essential oils, it will energise the skin and leave it clean, bright and fresh.”

This mask was always going to be a risky purchase as I had a feeling that it might be too drying for my skin, but thought the tea tree might help my blemishes. This mask was considerably more drenched in fluid compared to the Hydrating Mask but I much prefer the scent of this one as it smells so fresh and minty. When I applied the mask to my face, it was quite messy as it kept dripping the whole time I wore it which isn’t ideal. After using the mask, I did think my blemishes looked a little less angry and inflamed but it did leave my skin feeling dry and a little tight. I think this mask would be quite effective for oilier skins but again I have used more effective masks for the same price.

Superdrug Facial MasksSuperdrug Facial Masks

Superdrug Refreshing Hydrogel Eye Patches

Give your eyes a night off with these Superdrug Hydrogel Eye Patches. With Mineral rich sea algae to help reduce puffiness and soothing Gardenia extract your eyes will be ready for what a new day will bring!

I really enjoy using gel eye patches whenever my eyes feel irritated or they feel a little puffy, but there aren’t many budget friendly gel-mask options so I had high hopes for these as they are just £1.49. To use them you simply remove from the plastic sheet and take the sticky covers off each side of the gel patch and apply to your under eyes for 10-15 minutes and the packaging recommends putting them in the fridge to chill before use. The gel patch is very thin and there’s next to no liquid on them at all but they do stick to the skin so you can move around whilst wearing them but that’s probably because there isn’t any liquid on them. Once I removed them I was really disappointed as I couldn’t see any improvement whatsoever, and my eyes didn’t even look ‘refreshed’ like the claims. I definitely don’t recommend these patches as I genuinely believe using cucumber slices would be more effective, and more affordable.

I’m really sorry that this overview has been so negative but I always want to be completely honest with everything I post on my blog, and I just think all three masks are disappointing. Boots have just released a new range of sheet masks with a lot more options to choose from so I’ll be giving them a try next as I wouldn’t be purchasing any more of the Superdrug sheet masks as I don’t think they’re worth the money as you could get better results with products you already own at home thanks to Pinterest.


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