Birchbox March 2017

16th March 2017

Birchbox March 2017Birchbox March 2017

I’m sorry to do two beauty box posts in a row but I wanted to get the post up as sooner rather than later incase they run out of boxes this month. I don’t know if it’s intention but the Birchbox March 2017 box has FOUR brands beginning with B which I find so random but all of the products are B brands apart from one. This month’s Birchbox is an actual box again which I’m really pleased with as I much prefer the boxes to their drawer style boxes they’ve been favouring recently as I don’t find it easy to recycle the drawer boxes.

 Birchbox are celebrating hitting 100,000 subscribers this month and are supposedly the number one beauty box in the UK so I expected this month’s box to be pretty special, but in truth it feels a little lacklustre compared to previous boxes with five miniature samples, no lifestyle extras like they used to or full sizes. Here are the contents of the Birchbox March 2017 box..

Birchbox March 2017

The buzz around the box was the inclusion of the Benefit They’re Real! Double The Lip Lipstick which they promoted last month so everyone knew they’d be in the box. I have to say I really like that Birchbox were able to include a product which has literally only just launched but I have a problem with the product itself which is nothing against Birchbox.

The full size lipstick only contains 1.5g of product in very bulky packaging, and retails for £16.50 whereas you get double the product in a MAC Lipstick. This sample is half the size of a full size with 0.75g of product so we’ll be able to fully try the product but for me it’s very much a gimmick.

The shade I got is Pink Thrills with a bright pink ‘lipstick’ and a dark berry ‘liner’ which don’t look great on the lips when you apply it as per the instructions but I know some people love these lipsticks but for me, I’d much rather pay £16 and get double the product from MAC or Urban Decay and buy a liner if that’s the effect I’m wanting. I also want to mention that I found the lipstick wore off within an hour (it claims upto 8 hours wear) and didn’t make my lips look any bigger so I honestly would recommend heading to a Benefit counter to try these lipsticks before splurging to see what you think.

Birchbox March 2017

The next item is a little plastic bag which contains three very small Bobbi Brown Masks samples (each tube is only 3mls so you get 9ml in total) in Instant Detox, Skin Nourish and Radiance Boost.

Seeing as the samples are so small, I don’t feel like you get enough product to be able to fully try the masks and I would personally have preferred a 9ml size of one of the masks but I’m probably in the minority. I’ve never tried any of the Bobbi Brown skincare so I’m still looking forward to trying them, I just wish there was more product as I’m not sure there’s enough product in each tube for one use.

Birchbox March 2017

Then we have a 5ml sample of the Balance Me Instant Lift Primer which is 99% natural and claims to contains hyaluronic acid and acacia gum to tighten and diffuse for smoother, refined skin. I believe natural primers are pretty rare so those that prefer more natural beauty will probably be looking forward to trying this primer. According to Balance Me it is best used by those with visible pores, mature skin and normal skin.

Birchbox March 2017

The last ‘B’ brand in the Birchbox March 2017 box is the Batiste 2 in 1 Invisible Dry Shampoo and Conditioner in a 50ml size which I’ve seen on quite a few blogs recently. I don’t normally like Batiste Dry Shampoo but I am intrigued by this 2 in 1 formula especially as this particular one smells really nice and very unlike dry shampoo.

Sometimes I feel that dry shampoo scents are so powdery and cloying that they make hair smell worse but this smells lovely and fresh so I’ll definitely give it a try and although it’s a mini size, it’s an handy size for throwing in your handbag or gym bag.

Birchbox March 2017

The last product in the Birchbox March 2017 box is a mini bottle the Korres Santorini Vine Shower Gel. I love Korres as a brand so I’m always happy to see their products in beauty boxes. I really like their shower gels but I’ve not tried this scent before, and it is really lovely and fresh and I think it would be amazing for those who have been to Santorini to have a shower gel which will bring back their holiday memories. I haven’t it yet but I’ve tried a few different Korres shower gels and they’re always really nice and gentle on the skin. Although this is a really small size, it would be good for a weekend away or business trip.

I would love to know your thoughts on the Birchbox March 2017 box and what you think about the contents this month?

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