Giorgio Armani Foundation Collection

13th March 2017

Giorgio Armani Foundation CollectionGiorgio Armani Foundation Collection

Giorgio Armani have fast become one of my favourite beauty brands after discovering so many of their fantastic products. My current top three Giorgio Armani products are their Giorgio Armani Lip Magnets (which are the best liquid lipstick formula I’ve ever tried), Giorgio Armani Si Eau de Parfum and the Giorgio Armani Prima Advance Glow-On Moisturising Balm. I was very kindly gifted a beautiful box containing the Giorgio Armani Foundation Collection which made me very excited as I’ve only ever tried a couple of their base products so I couldn’t wait to try them out and see which ones worked the best for my skin.

Giorgio Armani have a pretty impressive foundation range, with a formula for every single skin type in liquid, powder and cream. Within my Giorgio Armani Foundation Collection I got four of their foundations; the Giorgio Armani Maestro Fusion Makeup, the Giorgio Armani Power Fabric Foundation, the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation and the Giorgio Armani Maestro Glow Nourishing Fusion Makeup alongside a personalised makeup brush.

Giorgio Armani Foundation CollectionGiorgio Armani Foundation Collection

I’ve never heard anything about the Giorgio Armani makeup brushes before, but from looking on their website it would appear that they have quite a sizeable makeup brush range for the face, eyes and lips. I have the Giorgio Armani Maestro Blender Brush £60 which is described as being the iconic brush which has been especially designed to be the master of liquid foundation.

The brush was released as part of a collection to celebrate 15 years of Giorgio Armani beauty, and are designed to offer ultimate perfection. The Giorgio Armani Blender Brush is absolutely stunning with a glossy black wooden handle and shiny black metal ferrule with silver metallic writing on the handle. I know this is a super pricey brush but it feels so weighty and luxurious in the hand, and feels far superior than any other makeup brush I’ve tried.

The brush features synthetic bristles, with a slightly pointed shape to ensure a precise and even application, easily blending makeup into the complexion for flawless skin. The range of Giorgio Armani Maestro brushes are said to combine the most sophisticated Italian design with traditional Japanese excellence and expertise. It truly is an exquisite brush which both looks and feels amazing, but it’s also very effective at applying foundation too as the bristles can both apply and blend the product into the skin without leaving brush marks or streaks on the skin.

Giorgio Armani Foundation CollectionGiorgio Armani Foundation Collection

Giorgio Armani Maestro Fusion Makeup £40

Brighten your complexion with a refining liquid foundation that leaves behind naturally glowing skin. Maestro liquid foundation is the makeup formula enriched with Fusion Technology. Maestro is not just a matte foundation, and more than a skin perfector, because it concentrates both their benefits:

– Waterfree oils: 60% time-release translucent, non-greasy oils for a fresh feel, a non-greasy finish and a pure color.
– 11% pigments for a perfect complexion. There’s no powder, so no mask effect.
– Low surface tension for the fastest, easiest application.
– Skin surface perfection due to soft particles that provide the thinnest correcting film and an extraordinary sensory feel.
– Contains lotus oil, known for its anti-free radical properties.

The foundation is packaged within a frosted glass bottle, with a glass pipette dispenser which you can dispense directly onto your makeup brush or sponge, or onto the back of your hand. When I read that this was a matte foundation I instantly assumed I wouldn’t like it because I have dry skin, and matte formulas aren’t my friend as they tend to highlight and emphasise any dryness but this is unlike any other matte foundation I’ve tried. There are only nine shades available, and this is the palest shade; 3 which is obviously too dark for me but it’s easy to lighten with a lightening foundation such as the NYX White Pro Foundation Mixer.

Let’s start by saying I’ve never tried a waterless foundation before so I really had no idea what to expect, especially as it’s oil-based as I usually find oil based foundations to be more luminous and dewy so I was intrigued that this foundation is described as being matte.

When you begin to blend the foundation into the skin (fingers, BeautyBlender or brush) it feels remarkably dry almost like a dry touch oil which just fuses with the skin with no residue or weight on the skin which is exactly how this foundation performs. It feels ridiculously lightweight; so much so, I can’t quite believe it offers any coverage as it’s looks practically invisible on the skin (providing the shade matches you obviously).

Coverage wise I’d say it’s definitely a light coverage as it doesn’t cover or disguise any imperfections, but it does perfect the skin’s tone and texture so I think it would be absolutely perfect for those with great skin already and just need something to help uniform the complexion.

To get the best results I like to use this foundation over the top of a hydrating primer but it still manages to sit nicely on my skin, but I definitely still need to use a high coverage concealer as my imperfections aren’t at all minimised by using the foundation alone. I really like how this foundation is undetectable on the skin and would be ideal for no makeup, makeup days where you want a less is more approach to your makeup.

Giorgio Armani Foundation CollectionGiorgio Armani Foundation Collection

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation £40

Inspired by the finest fabrics, this award-winning lightweight foundation was designed to help correct and unify the complexion for instantly glowing skin. Reveal your inner light. Inspired by charmeuse silk, “The Fabric of Emperors,” this luminous foundation glides on weightlessly for a flawless lit-from-within glow. Enriched with Micro–fil™ technology and helps to sculpt and brighten the look, this buildable coverage foundation improves texture and blurs imperfections.

This is one of the most hyped foundations within the beauty world, so I was always going to have very high hopes when trying it out. The packaging is so beautiful with a frosted glass bottle, black plastic lid and a black plastic pump which makes application very quick and easy.

The shade range is much better than the Maestro Fusion Foundation with 24 shades to choose from, and I have the lightest shade; shade 2. When a foundation claims to be suitable for all skin types, I can’t help but feel a little sceptical as the difference between oily skin and dry skin is huge so I can’t see how one formula can suit all skin types.

The coverage is medium to full and is buildable, and I find is best applied with a damp BeautyBlender as it has a luminous finish and I find using a damp sponge with more luminous formulas helps to intensify the luminosity. I was really surprised by how well the foundation covered my imperfections with just one application, but even though it offered great coverage it didn’t feel heavy or mask-like on the skin but I could still feel that I was wearing foundation which is pretty normal especially for fuller coverage bases, but with the Maestro Fusion Foundation I couldn’t feel it at all.

I honestly believe it’s a brilliant foundation and I can understand why it’s so hyped, and I think I may even prefer it to NARS Sheer Glow as I find the Luminous Silk Foundation to be a little longer lasting in comparison. Due to the foundation not containing any SPF, I can see why it would work so well for brides as you don’t have to worry about flashback issues in photos and it really does leave the skin looking natural yet beautiful.

Giorgio Armani Foundation CollectionGiorgio Armani Foundation Collection

Giorgio Armani Power Fabric Longwear High Cover Foundation £40

Following the iconic success of Maestro and Luminous Silk Foundation, Giorgio Armani Beauty introduces new POWER FABRIC, a liquid foundation that teams long-wear, full coverage with a luminous, lightweight second skin finish. Upon application, the texture melts into the skin, weightlessly concealing the appearance of imperfections and creating a long lasting, no makeup feel.

Like the Armani jacket, that timeless wardrobe essential, power fabric has been created for a successful, confident, modern and elegant woman. This full coverage foundation dresses the skin, enhances the look of facial features and targets the appearance of fatigue. The tag line for the foundation is ” The 1st full coverage and long wear foundation with a lightweight finish. For an all day-long impeccable luminous complexion in ANY circumstance.”

The Power Fabric Foundation is the newest release within the Giorgio Armani Foundation Collection and has an SPF of 25, and it really does have higher coverage than both the Maestro Fusion and Luminous Silk Foundations. I would describe the Power Fabric Foundation as being almost a mixture of them both as it’s lightweight and matte like Maestro Fusion with the higher coverage of the Luminous Silk. I love the Power Fabric Foundation as it looks very natural on the skin but it does cover everything I need covering.

I am so impressed with how long wearing the Power Fabric Foundation is it really does last all day which I imagine would be amazing for those with oily skin, or those that find their foundation disappears thorughout the day as it just doesn’t budge.

I have shade 2 which is a little too warm for my skintone but I’m going to try and hunt down shade 1 which looks to be cooler toned and paler too which I think would suit my skintone a little better. I don’t find the matte finish to be as forgiving as the Maestro Fusion but that’s to be understandable as the Power Fabric has fuller coverage but I can mix it with a liquid illuminator for a more radiant, sheer finish on my drier days if I need to.

Giorgio Armani Foundation CollectionGiorgio Armani Foundation Collection

Giorgio Armani Maestro Glow Nourishing Fusion Makeup Bi-Phase Elixir £40

Maestro Glow liquid foundation imparts a more even complexion with a fresh, natural looking radiance thanks to a surprisingly light texture, coupled with a perfecting buildable coverage. A great foundation for dry skin, Maestro Glow glides on, procuring a comforting sensation that leaves skin feeling nude and supple to the touch. It also features SPF 30, for daily UV protection. Nine shades are available to suit various skin tones, from light to deep.

I have previously featured the Maestro Glow Nourishing Fusion Makeup Bi-Phase Elixir on my blog here where I go into a lot more detail about the formula, finish and longevity. In a nutshell this is the Bi-Phase Elixir version of the Maestro Fusion Foundation, which is said to have almost skincare benefits alongside being a foundation so it’s ideal for those with dry skin as the oils work to nourish the skin, as well as imparting a radiant glow to the skin. If you’re unsure which of the two Fusion foundations to try, I’d recommend heading to a Giorgio Armani counter to try them out as I really like them both as they both have an amazingly lightweight finish on the skin which I tend to favour in the warmer months.

I really wanted to do a quick summary at the end to recap which foundation is best for what scenario… If you want a natural and lightweight base, I’d recommend the Maestro Fusion or the Maestro Glow Nourishing Fusion if you want natural and lightweight but you have dry skin. If you want full coverage which lasts with a satin/matte finish, the new Power Fabric is definitely for you and if you like good coverage but a luminous finish I’d recommend the Luminous Silk Foundation.

I would really like to know which is your favourite Giorgio Armani foundation? Or which you’d like to try if you haven’t already? Please tell me in the comments below..

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