Pixi Eye Accents Kit

Pixi Eye Accents Kit

As a blogger I feel very fortunate that I receive some amazing gifts from very generous brands and Pixi really did blow my mind when they sent me their Pixi Pretties box set containing all of the products from their collaboration with four leading beauty influencers. I had no idea that Pixi had collaborated with multiple bloggers/YouTubers until I got the set but I really love the concept behind the collaboration where they were able to create their ‘dream products’ with Petra’s guidance to represent their individual points of view but parallel Pixi’s philosophy of fuss-free in a few minutes. The four influencers which Pixi collaborated with are Caroline Hirons, It’s Judy Time, MaryamNYC and AspyNovard, and today I want to talk about the Pixi Eye Accents Kit which is one of the items created by AspyNovard.

Pixi Eye Accents KitPixi Eye Accents Kit

The Pixi Eye Accents Kit was created by Aspyn as she always likes to make sure her eyes stand out, and she wanted something to perfect her lower lashes and something to keep her brows in place. The Pixi Eye Accents Kit contains two products; the Pixi Lower Lash Mascara and the Pixi Brow Tamer and retails for £16 which I think is an amazing price, especially as the Lower Lash Mascara is £11 to purchase individually and the Brow Tamer is £12 to purchase individually so you’re saving £7 by purchasing them within this kit.

Pixi say;

“Two products for finishing off defining the eye area all in one kit curated by Aspyn Ovard to create her signature eye look. The Lower Lash Mascara is a water resistant formula with added vitamin E and panthenol that stays on all day, even on sensitive & runny eyes. Brow Tamer is a clear brow gel that sets, shapes, and holds unruly brows in place all day!”

Pixi Eye Accents Kit

The Pixi Lower Lash Mascara is the product I was most excited about trying within the kit as the brush is incredibly tiny and narrow. I’ve tried a few lower lash mascaras which have smaller brushes, but nothing I’ve tried has had a brush as tiny as this one. The bristles have a spiralled design on the brush with mini natural bristles, and the wand is really quite long so you can coat all of your lower lashes at the same time which I really like.

This tube is obviously quite small but it contains 3.2ml of product which I imagine will last for such a long time as the wand is so small that it holds such a small amount of product. Brush design type I guess it’s quite similar to the NYX The Skinny Mascara, but even that brush is considerably bigger than this – I really can’t stress enough how tiny it is, which is why I think it’s so incredibly effective at coating the lower lashes as you don’t end up smearing your under-eyes in mascara during application.

I always use one coat of mascara on my lower lashes as I can’t usually be bothered with the clean up involved when using more than one coat, but with the PIXI Lower Lash Mascara you can add multiple coats without leaving your lower lashes looking clumpy and reminiscent of spider legs and it doesn’t smudge or flake either.

Pixi Eye Accents Kit

The Pixi Brow Tamer is described as being a long-wearing brow beautifier for defining and shaping the brows with a soothing formula with aloe vera and panthenol to condition brow hairs and give a natural soft hold. The tube contains a generous 4.5ml of product, with a clear bristled natural brush which is reasonably small to evenly coat the brow hairs.

The bristles have a good length that the brow hairs get evenly coated in brow gel without catching the skin, and although you can feel the gel on the brows for the first few minutes whilst it’s drying, it doesn’t leave the brows feeling hard or crispy.

I hate it when brow gels leave your brows so stiff that you can’t even move with your natural facial expressions but this this Brow Tamer still gives movement to the brows whilst securing the hairs in place all day long. I can’t believe the Pixi Eye Accents Kit is only £16 considering it contains two full size Pixi products; both of which perform brilliantly and would be welcome additions to anyone’s makeup collection.

I’d love to know your thoughts on the Pixi Pretties collaboration? Do you like the look of this lash and brow set?

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