Rimmel Volume Shake Mascara

Rimmel have nailed their PR tactics recently as they’ve basically given their most recent products to a massive selection of bloggers resulting in a lot of coverage so everyone’s talking about them which is genius really. I wasn’t wowed by the Rimmel Brow This Way Brow Shaker but I know many were so I wasn’t sure what to expect from their newest release; the Rimmel Volume Shake Mascara which they kindly sent to me under a week ago.

Now I never do rush reviews on my blog. Again I know a lot do and have a very quick turnaround where they get their post up within 24 hours of receiving a product but I never do that myself unless it’s a beauty box as I’m basically just sharing the contents instead of actually reviewing the box. Although I only received the Rimmel Volume Shake Mascara under a week ago, I decided I wanted to get my first impressions up on my blog and I’m going to add a paragraph of ‘final thoughts’ in a couple of months time as I feel it’s necessary with the specific nature of this particular product.

Rimmel Volume Shake Mascara

The Rimmel Volume Shake Mascara £8.99 is unlike any other mascara I’ve tried as it contains a ‘breakthrough innovation’ shaker system which claims to ‘refresh the formula’ whenever it’s needed. The reason Rimmel decided to create this mascara is supposedly to stop us having to throw away unusable mascaras which have thickened up and become unusable, so by being able to shake the mascara you can get refresh the formula for a clump-free finish.

I had no idea what to expect with the mascara as it truthfully sounds extremely gimmicky, but when it arrived I was very surprised by how heavy it is. The tube is pretty chunky and cumbersome, but it’s genuinely quite heavy which will be down to the cylindrical agitator within the tube which you can hear clunking around when you shake the tube. I have to hand it to Rimmel as it’s hard to be unique these days with beauty products and this certainly is unique, but it’s not something you’ll want to carry around in you makeup bag due to its size and weight.

Rimmel Volume Shake Mascara

Due to the shake technology, this mascara *shouldn’t* become thick and gloopy like other mascaras but the only way to test that is to wait for a considerable amount of time to see if it does become thick and gloopy or does the shaking technology genuinely prevent the thickening process.

So I’m going to come back to this post in around six weeks time and add a finishing paragraph with my final thoughts rather than wait six weeks to do anything on my blog as I’ve already had reader search for “Rimmel Volume Shake Mascara” in my search box so I figured a first impressions might be useful especially as most retailers are selling the mascara on offer right now because it’s new at £6.99 instead of £8.99 (Superdrug and Feel unique at the time of writing this post)

Rimmel Volume Shake Mascara

I don’t know if you can tell from this photo but the neck of the tube is pretty wide, and it doesn’t have the typical valve mascara tubes have to scrape excess product from the brush so I think this might lead to the brush becoming overloaded with product as it’s already quite heavily coated as you can see in the above photo and it’s brand new.

The brush itself has natural bristles, and is quite small in size but I personally prefer a natural bristled mascara as I find them to be more effective for my very short and straight lashes, and this brush is slightly tapered towards the end for reaching the lashes on the outer corners. The first time I used the mascara I was instantly impressed as it made my lashes look volumised and very black, and my thoughts haven’t changed.

I really like how much volume and drama it gives my lashes, but it doesn’t offer very much in the way of separation but that could be because it’s a brand new mascara, I always find mascaras get better with age but this one might not with the whole shake system. I have noticed that it does crumble a little during the day which doesn’t bother me too much, but it’s something to consider if you hate mascara fallout issues but I haven’t noticed any smudging.

I’ve never really had much luck with Rimmel mascaras but so far so good with the new Rimmel Volume Shake Mascara, and I’m looking forward to returning with my final thoughts once I’ve been able to see how the formula fairs over the next few weeks and if the shaking actually helps or hinders the application.

I’m afraid the formula didn’t improve over time, and it remained quite average. It wasn’t the best I’ve tried, but it wasn’t the worst either.

I’d love to know your thoughts on the whole “volume shake” concept for the mascara? Have you tried it?

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