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Charlotte Tilbury Film Noir Nights Makeup Kit Review / Swatches

Charlotte Tilbury Film Noir Nights Makeup KitCharlotte Tilbury Film Noir Nights Makeup Kit

Charlotte Tilbury is such a popular beauty brand but I’ve only tried four of their products thus far as their products haven’t been as easily accessible as other brands. That however is all changed as they’ve just launched onto Feel
unique which is just amazing as they don’t have extortionate shipping fees and they have regular discount codes too. I was lucky enough to win the Charlotte Tilbury Film Noir Nights Makeup Kit £35 in an Instagram giveaway which was run by Boutique Social, so I was really happy to try more products from the brand.

The Charlotte Tilbury Film Noir Nights Makeup Kit is exquisitely packaged within a maroon light-up vintage vanity-mirror-inspired presentation box. When you open the lid, there’s a mirror which has a border of mini LED lights which automatically turn on as soon as the box is opened which is just stunning and the box contains two full sized Charlotte Tilbury products; one of which is exclusive to this set.

Charlotte Tilbury Film Noir Nights Makeup Kit

The first product within the Charlotte Tilbury Film Noir Nights Makeup Kit is the Charlotte Tilbury Opium Noir Matte Revolution Lipstick which is only available via this set, so the only way to get this particular shade is by purchasing this set which is amazing value at £35 as the two products are worth £43 alone, without even considering the light up presentation box.

Opium Noir looks very dark within the bullet but it’s actually a lot lighter when on the lips and you can choose to use one swipe for a sheerer finish, or a couple of swipes for full opacity. I’d describe Opium Noir as being a slightly blackened red which is rich in pigment and the angled shape of the bullet really does help to give a crisp application which surprised me as I assumed it wouldn’t be as effective as the conventional bullet shape.

Obviously the formula is matte, but it’s not an uncomfortable and drying matte formula such as the MAC Retro Matte Lipsticks. I do find the Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution formula to be a little unforgiving on the lips, but that’s usually the case for matte lipsticks especially with a shade as bold as this. Until now I’d only tried the Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick formula but I’d love to try a nude shade such as Pillow Talk as I like how comfortable yet longlasting they are on the lips.

Charlotte Tilbury Film Noir Nights Makeup Kit

As an eyeliner addict, I love trying new eyeliners and I’ve heard nothing but praise for the Charlotte Tilbury Rock ‘n Kohl Iconic Liquid Eyeliner Pencils so I was delighted that Bedroom Black was included within this kit. Described as being a revolutionary, no-nonsense liquid-eye pencil, enriched with crushed pearl powder, features the silky smooth glide of a liquid liner with the soft, sooty, pigment-rich result of a kohl with a waterproof finish that lasts upto 14 hours.

Black eyeliner is my favourite and I’m pleased to report, Bedroom Black is one of the most beautiful eyeliner pencils I’ve tried. The swatched above are just one gentle swipe of the pencil, and as you can see it’s opaque and intense with no crumbling like some creamy eyeliners have the tendency to do. I really like how the matte the finish is as it just adds to the intensity but again I’d like now like to try other shades after being so wowed by the formula with Eye Cheat and Elizabeth Violet next on my list.

I would love to know if  you’ve ever tried their Matte Revolution Lipsticks or Rock ‘n Kohl Eyeliners before?