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11th April 2017

If you saw my post on Instagram last week, you’ll have seen that I made a Makeup Revolution Haul order. I used to be a massive Makeup Revolution fan but in all honesty, I fell out of love with the brand due to how poor their customer service was. I didn’t feel comfortable featuring Makeup Revolution products on my blog, for readers to then purchase said products and have the poor service I’d had. My previous order took a ridiculous 23 days to arrive and I vowed to never place anymore orders on their website.

I had received a few messages from readers to tell me that they’d sorted out their delivery and customer service issues, and that I should give them another chance. So I decided to place an order for a selection of their new releases and to see if their delivery times had improved. My Makeup Revolution Haul came to £30 so I qualified for free delivery and it took three days to arrive which wasn’t too bad, but they do now offer a next working day delivery service for those that don’t want to wait a long time for their orders.

Makeup Revolution Haul

Another reason I haven’t been interested in trying TAM Beauty products is that I’d become a little bored of seeing ‘dupes’ as I personally much prefer it when they do unique products. If you’re a beauty blogger yourself, you’ll probably be well aware of all of the drama surrounding their dupes. I think Makeup Revolution got a lot of hate which I personally feel is undeserved as other brands have copied products for years, but nobody has ever had an issue.

If anything, the drama has made me want to purchase their products rather than give them a wide berth, as I don’t think they deserve to be singled out for duplicate products when others do it all the time. Anyway enough about the #dupegate drama and onto my Makeup Revolution Haul, and what I bought.

Makeup Revolution Haul

The first item I got in my Makeup Revolution Haul is the Makeup Revolution I Heart Makeup Unicorn Love Palette which was £7.99, which contains a selection of matte and shimmer shades, with a few pops of colour.

I’m so rubbish with colour, but purple is the easiest colour to wear in my opinion so I figured the three purple toned shades would be a good starting place, but I know I’ll never use that blue as it’s a little too 80’s for my liking but I’m really beige with my eye makeup.

I won’t lie, the packaging is a little cringe but I appreciate that the Makeup Revolution target market is probably teenagers so they’d perhaps appreciate the gaudiness. I might do a review of this palette, if anyone wants me to so please let me know if you’d like me to do one. I don’t know if it will appeal to everyone though.

Makeup Revolution Haul

The one thing I wanted was the Makeup Revolution Skin Kiss Ice Kiss Highlighter £5 as I love highlighter, and this particular shade looked pretty pale skin friendly as it’s a very pale champagne shade. Since I bought mine, I’ve seen some negative reviews on Temptalia (who I trust implicitly when it comes to makeup) and other blogs and YouTube channels so I’m not sure if I’ll like it, but the packaging is so pretty for £5.

Makeup Revolution Haul

I then got a selection of contour products as I’d noticed they had some paler shades. I got the Makeup Revolution Ultra Cream Contour Kit in the shade F01 which was £3.50 which is quite a good price for three cream products. The contour shade looks like the perfect, light cool toned contour so I’m looking forward to trying it. I then got two products from Makeup Obsession; the Contour Cream in Light and the Eyeshadow in Mink, as again they both look nice and cool which I hope will work well for contouring.

Makeup Revolution Haul

Then I have two slightly less exciting products – anyone else find powder or eyebrow pencils to be a little boring? I just think they’re not as exciting as highlighters, palettes or lip colours.. Maybe it’s just me. Anyway I got the Freedom HD Pro Finish Powder £3 as I’m always on the hunt for the *best* loose powder and the Makeup Revolution Duo Brow Pencil in Dark Brown. I’ve not had a lot of luck when it comes to Makeup Revolution’s brow products so fingers crossed this one performs a little better.

Makeup Revolution Haul

The final item I got was the Makeup Revolution Renaissance Lipstick in the shade Renew £4. I didn’t plan to purchase this lipstick, but I was just £4 away from free shipping so I decided to choose a pretty pinky nude shade from the swatch list on their website. Everyone is going crazy for these lipsticks right now so I’m intrigued to see what they hype is all about, and will report back once I’ve given it a try, but it’s a nice shade in the bullet.

So they are the items I bought in my Makeup Revolution Haul. I’d love to know if there’s a product in particular you’d like me to feature here on my blog?

Makeup Revolution Haul 1
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