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Makeup Revolution Ice Kiss Skin Kiss Highlighter Review / Swatches

I featured my most recent Makeup Revolution haul here on my blog a few weeks ago and one of the products I purchased was the Makeup Revolution Ice Kiss Skin Kiss Highlighter which looked stunning from the photos I’d seen online, but I haven’t read the most positive of reviews so I was unsure whether I’d like it myself.

Makeup Revolution Ice Kiss Skin Kiss Highlighter

The Makeup Revolution Ice Kiss Skin Kiss Highlighter is £5 and contains 14 grams of product and is packaged within a large rose gold plastic compact. Strangely enough, the US have completely different packaging to the UK as their packaging has a clear lid and no mirror whilst ours have a mirror. I much prefer the UK version but it’s strange that the same product would have such big discrepancies packaging wise.

Makeup Revolution Ice Kiss Skin Kiss Highlighter

Makeup Revolution launched a large amount of ‘Kiss’ related products at the same time which I have to admit I’m not a fan of, as I don’t like a shade to have the same name as the product names “Ice Kiss Skin Kiss” just doesn’t appeal to me personally but that’s just me.

There are four shades of the Skin Kiss Highlighters and then there are Pink Kiss and Bronze Kiss Shimmer Bricks too – a little bit of a ‘kiss overkill’ in my opinion. I do like the packaging though as it looks and feels a lot more luxurious than a £5 highlighter but there’s quite a lot of excess packaging surrounding the pan which makes the compact even bigger so it wouldn’t be something I travelled with as it’s just too big.

Makeup Revolution Ice Kiss Skin Kiss Highlighter

The powder has a starburst design in the powder which I feel has made the surface feel a little rough especially when you compare the texture to their amazing Goddess of Love Highlighters which literally feel like silk. I don’t find Makeup Revolution Ice Kiss Skin Kiss Highlighter to be as finely milled as their Goddess of Love Highlighters, and it’s also not as pigmented.

Makeup Revolution Ice Kiss Skin Kiss Highlighter

I swirled my finger around the pan three times for this swatch but with the Goddess of Love Highlighter you only need to swipe the pan once for intense pigmentation. Ice Kiss is a warm toned gold shade which is almost identical to the third shade on the top row of the Makeup Revolution Blush Goddess Palette so if you already own that palette I’d recommend skipping this particular shade as I actually think the pigmentation and texture is better in the Blush Goddess Palette and you get eight pans of blush, highlighter for £6.

I generally find that Makeup Revolution do an amazing job with their highlighters but sadly I just wasn’t wowed by this, especially when you consider how amazing the Technic Highlighters are for only £2.50, but this is the only Makeup Revolution highlighter which has disappointed me so it had to happen sometime. If you do want a fantastic Makeup Revolution highlighter, I honestly cannot recommend their Goddess of Love Highlighters enough, and they also contains a generous amount of product.

I’d love to know if you’ve tried this highlighter?

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