Mobile Phone Ring Light – The Best £5 You’ll Ever Spend As A Blogger

I’ve only been blogging for four years, but within those four years blogging has come so far. Don’t worry this isn’t going to be a post talking about the ‘good old days’ as I personally love how much blogging has progressed over the last four years but that’s another post entirely. When I first started blogging, there was more emphasis on the quality of content rather than the images but now it’s very much all about the photos especially with social media and the likes of Bloglovin’.

One of the age old blogger discussions is lighting, and in the UK we discuss the lack of lighting an awful lot (we’re an exciting bunch) and investing in studio lighting was the best investment I ever made for my blog as I can now take all of my blog photos at 3am without planning my life around the windows and the best levels of lighting. I now use my studio lights to take every single blog photo, but they’re not the quickest to use for a quick photo so I’d been hunting for the perfect Mobile Phone Ring Light and I’ve finally found it.

Mobile Phone Ring Light - The Best £6 You'll Ever Spend As A Blogger

There are so many different mobile phone ring lights on eBay, I had no idea where to start but I knew I wanted a UK seller as I didn’t want to wait three weeks for it to arrive but if you are happy to wait, you’ll possibly be able to find a cheaper ring light. You can buy the very same model as my light from this UK seller here, and the model is important as I bought another ring light which was cheaper and it wasn’t half as bright as this one so I really would recommend getting this model if possible if you want the maximum possible brightness with the same amount of LED bulbs. What makes this particular model so amazing is that it has a button which allows you to choose which brightness setting you want, and there are three brightness settings to choose from.

Mobile Phone Ring Light - The Best £5 You'll Ever Spend As A Blogger

The Mobile Phone Ring Light is essentially a circular clip which you simply squeeze at the top to attach it to your phone, and you need to ensure your phone’s camera lens is within the gap under the light. The light has a solid clip so you can move you phone around no problem whilst taking photos and you can place it on the front or back of your phone depending on whether you’re using the main camera, or the front camera.

This light is also said to be amazing for selfies but I use it only for taking photos, and it’s battery operated and works on 2 AAA batteries which are not included but they’re cheap enough to buy on eBay. I bought a pack of four AAA Panasonic batteries for only 99p here with free, quick UK delivery and they work perfectly within the ring light.

Mobile Phone Ring Light - The Best £5 You'll Ever Spend As A Blogger

Another reason why I’m championing this particular ring light model other others is that this ring light contains 36 LED bulb which are extremely bright depending on which brightness intensity you use; low intensity, medium intensity and high intensity and you simply press the button once, twice or three times depending on the level of brightness you want.

The other ring light I bought had only 24 bulbs and the bulbs gave a yellow light, but these bulbs are bright white just like a daylight bulb for studio lighting so it doesn’t make pictures look too warm or too cool toned. I cannot rave about it enough, it’s insanely easy to use as you just clip it on, and press the button with no wires or leads and it’s lightweight too.

It it’s genuinely the best £5 I’ve ever spent in terms of blogging equipment/tools and I cannot recommend it enough to anyone that takes photos of anything, regardless whether you’re a blogger or not. Plus if anyone’s interested, my phone case is also an eBay buy (what can I say.. I’m obsessed) and it only cost £1.49.

What do you think of this mobile phone ring light? Do you use one yourself? Id’ love to know if you’ve bought it..

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