Morphe Flawless Makeup Brush Collection

16th April 2017

I love Morphe as a brand especially for their incredible eyeshadow palettes and beautiful makeup brushes. I’ve featured many of their products on my blog previously, and they really are my favourite brush brand as they’re all so affordable yet I find the quality to be excellent with no shedding incidents or issues even with considerable use. Zoeva used to be my favourite makeup brush brand but over the last couple of years, they’ve been upping their prices due to their increased popularity, so I’d personally prefer to buy Morphe brushes especially as they have such an incredibly extensive brush range with frequent new releases too.

Morphe is an American beauty brand, and they do offer international shipping but the shipping fees are pretty pricey (at least $21.36) and that’s not even considering the customs fees so I never order from Morphe directly. Luckily for us here in the UK, Beauty Chamber are an official UK stockist so we can get our hands on the Morphe releases minus the hefty postage/customs fees. The Morphe Flawless Makeup Brush Collection has been around for a while now, but they recently added twelve new brushes to the lineup so I couldn’t resist trying a few as they’re such beautiful brushes.

Morphe Flawless Makeup Brush Collection

The Morphe Flawless Collection all have glossy, black wooden handles with silver ferrules and with a mixture of bristle types. The collection includes a mix of face, eye and cheek brushes and range in price from just £3.95 to £14.95 depending on which brush you choose. From the new additions to the Morphe Flawless Makeup Brush Collection, I have four of the twelve new Morphe Flawless Makeup Brush Collection brushes and I’ve been loving putting them through their paces over the last few weeks.

Morphe Flawless Makeup Brush Collection

Morphe M572 Mini Flat Contour Brush £5.95

I have never been one for nose contouring but it is something I’ve been wanting to do as I’m a little self conscious about my nose after breaking it when I was little, so I’ve been looking for the perfect brush to use for nose contouring. When I saw the Morphe M572, I knew it would be absolutely perfect for nose contouring as it’s quite small, but thin too so you can blend your nose contour out really easily without going overboard and making your nose look ridiculous.

This really is as perfect as I thought it would be and it works well for contouring the cheekbones too if you like a more subtle effect like myself, as well as contouring below your bottom lip. The bristles are soft but they’re dense enough that they diffuse powder or creams beautifully and I would highly, highly recommend it if you already like to nose contour or perhaps want to start contouring your nose.

Morphe Flawless Makeup Brush Collection

Morphe M577 Jumbo Crease Brush £5.95

I’ve been contemplating purchasing the Real Techniques Bold Metals Pointed Crease Brush, but I couldn’t really justify spending £12 on a brush that I’d only use for crease work. When I saw the new Morphe M577 within the Morphe Flawless Makeup Brush Collection, I thought it looked quite similar and was half of the price so figured it was worth a try.

The brush has densely packed bristles in a rounded smudge brush style, except it’s much bigger. It is bigger than I thought it would be but I love using it within my crease to blend a transition shade, and due to how dense it is, it blends away any harsh lines and tends to be my finishing step within my eyeshadow look to ensure everything is thoroughly blended.

Morphe Flawless Makeup Brush Collection

Morphe M578 Round Pencil Crease Brush £3.95

This brush is like a baby version of the above Jumbo Crease Brush, but with the same bristle shaping and density. The smaller size lends itself well for more precise blending, and creasework as well as being ideal for blending shadows along the lower lashline. I also like to use this particular brush to blend in my eyeshadow primer, or cream shadows but you could use it for anything as it’s a nice and small. I have also enjoyed using it for applying an inner eye corner highlight too. It’s not a super unique brush design, but it’s amazing for £4 and a brush that everyone needs within their collection.

Morphe Flawless Makeup Brush Collection

Morphe M573 Pointed Deluxe Blender £5.95

Blending brushes are my favourite and I’m always on the look out for new ones as I like to use multiple blending brushes within my eye makeup looks when using different colours, and a clean brush to blend the edges so I always like to have a few clean blending brushes at my disposal. My preferred type of blending brush is a slightly tapered yet fluffy brush and that’s exactly what the Morphe M573 is, and I’d go as far to say that it’s my absolute favourite Morphe blending brush and everyone needs it.

It has very soft bristles which are slightly more tapered than the likes of the MAC 217 or Sigma E40 which I much prefer as it’s a little more precise, which is ideal when doing a cut crease or you’re wanting to blend one particular colour within your makeup look. I honestly think I could get rid of all my many blending brushes and just own three or four of these as it’s perfect in every way and I can’t believe it’s only £6 as you can get three (nearly four) of these for the price of one MAC 217 which is £21 for one brush. If you try one brush from this foursome, let it be this.. you won’t regret it.

I’d love to know if you’ve tried any Morphe brushes yet? Do you have any specific brush recommendations? Let me know your thoughts on the Morphe Flawless Makeup Brush Collection

Morphe Flawless Makeup Brush Collection 1
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