Morphe Mini Stiletto Sponges

Morphe Mini Stiletto Sponges

I love Morphe as a brand as their products are so affordable and their quality is really decent; especially their eyeshadow palettes and brushes. When I saw that they’d launched unique little beauty sponges, I just had to try them as they’re just so unlike any other beauty sponge I’ve seen. The Morphe Mini Stiletto Sponges are just £6.50 and are available from Beauty Chamber. I thought £6.50 was a great price for two beauty sponges so they work out at just £3.25 each.

I use beauty sponges for the entirety of my base makeup now, and I always feel a bit strange when I try and use a brush to apply my foundation or concealer. I just prefer how much better the product meshes with my skin when using a sponge, and obviously there are no brush marks or harsh edges.

Morphe Mini Stiletto Sponges

The Morphe Mini Stiletto Sponges are described by Morphe as;

These latex free baby beauty sponges are the perfect tool for detailed work. They effortlessly blend creams, liquids and powders in small areas like the brow bone, nose and tear duct and are also great for detailed highlight and contour.

Each sponge is a bright red colour, and when wetting them I don’t notice any running of the red dye, which I know was an issue for some with the Morphe Pro Blender Sponge. Even though these are the ‘mini’ sponges, they’re not that small which I’m really pleased with as the mini sponges can be a little fiddly to use.

I would say that one of the Mini Stiletto Sponges is around the size of two Beauty Blender Micro Mini sponges, with the sponge having an hourglass shape with a rounded base which tapers into the middle and ends in a sharp point. I really haven’t seen any sponges like this before with the super precise pointed tip.

Morphe Mini Stiletto Sponges

When I first saw the Morphe Mini Stiletto Sponges online, I thought they’d be amazing for clearing up winged eyeliner and I was right. Once I’ve finished my liner, I apply concealer onto the dampened sponge and use the pointed tip in an upwards motion from my lower lashline to sharpen my eyeliner wings which it does amazingly.

Morphe do have a full size version of the Stiletto Sponge but I think these mini sizes are perfect as they can fit into the natural crevices of the face. Not only can you use these sponges for cleaning up your eyeliner, you can use them to clean up your lip line too if you’re using a liquid lipstick in a bold shade and want a very precise outline. They’re just such handy little sponges and are well worth the £6.50, especially when they’re a decent sized compared to other ‘mini’ beauty sponges.

Would you be interested in trying the Morphe Mini Stiletto Sponges? 

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