MUA Custom Colour Foundation Mixer

14th April 2017

I raved about the NYX White Pro Foundation Mixer on my blog back in December, and I’ve recommend it to many of my readers ever since. Even though the NYX White Foundation Mixer is the best product I’ve ever tried to lighten foundation and concealers, I still can’t help myself from trying other alternatives incase I discover something better.

MUA recently launched their MUA Custom Colour Foundation Mixer which are available in a total of four shades which can be mixed with liquid base products to alter their colour and tone in the following shades; Lightening Warm, Lightening Cool, Deepening Medium and Deepening Dark with each shade containing 8ml of product and retailing for £4.

MUA Custom Colour Foundation Mixer

The NYX White Pro Foundation Mixer is £7.50 and contains 30ml, which is considerably better value than this mixer – I assumed MUA would be the cheapest as they market themselves as a budget brand but the MUA Mixer is 50p per ml, whereas the NYX Mixer is 25p per mil so the NYX option is the best option price wise, especially if you need to use the mixer frequently as the 8ml is going to last very long at all. In all honesty, had I known the MUA tube only contained 8ml of product, I’d never have bought it as I had no idea it contained such small amount.

MUA Custom Colour Foundation Mixer

The MUA Custom Colour Foundation Mixer in Lightening Cool is a very pale pink shade which actually matches my skintone, which is pretty ironic that the lightening mixer is the same colour of my skin. The NYX White Mixer is a neutral white tone which genuinely lightens any base product, but I don’t find that the MUA Custom Colour Foundation Mixer is pale enough to lighten foundations, and instead it just makes the product I’m mixing it with, become very pink toned. I had really high hopes for the MUA Lightening Cool Mixer but sadly it doesn’t compare to the NYX Pro Foundation Mixer in any way, and I’d recommend skipping this mixer altogether and purchasing the NYX Mixer as it’s better value, better quality and considerably more effective.

Have you tried any of the four MUA Mixer?

MUA Custom Colour Foundation Mixer 1
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