PIXI Double Cleanse

PIXI Double Cleanse

The release of the PIXI Double Cleanse back in January was one of the most hotly anticipated skincare launches in a long, long time. I often find that skincare launches rarely make as much as buzz as makeup launches but the buzz surrounding the PIXI Double Cleanse was huge, with it appearing on every social media platform ahead and after the launch.

I really do admire Pixi for their #PixiPretties collection where they’ve collaborated with four different beauty influencers to create a range of products, as they obviously appreciate the influence of such people with their YouTube channels.

So many brands undervalue bloggers and their influence, so it’s amazing to see a brand respect bloggers as much as they do. I have to admit I’m a makeup addict so makeup launches are always going to excite me more than skincare launches, but this particular launch instantly had me intrigued as it’s so innovative to anything else on the market, and I knew I needed to try it for myself.

PIXI Double CleansePIXI Double Cleanse

What is the PIXI Double Cleanse?!

The PIXI Double Cleanse was created in collaboration with skincare expert Caroline Hirons, and Caroline is an advocate for double cleansing. The whole double cleanse concept is where you use an oil based cleanser first to break down and remove your makeup, and then following with a cream cleanser to treat the skin and remove any residual grime or makeup remnants.

There are many, many oil cleansers and cream cleansers but never has a brand included both types within one pot which is what makes the PIXI Double Cleanse so unique.

The solid cleansing oil side contains Vitamin E which protects and conditions, Camellia Oil which is omega rich and nourishes the skin, and Evening Primrose Oil which heals and moisturises.

The luxurious cleansing cream contains Vitamin C to promote collagen and protects the skin, a Peptide Complex relaxes lines and plumps the skin whilst Arginine improves cell renewal and elasticity. Each of the two cleansers contain 50ml each, and are in even sized compartments which are separated by a divider in the middle to stop them mixing together.

PIXI Double Cleanse

Both cleansers are fragrance free which is good for those with sensitive skin which is aggravated by fragrance within skincare. To use the PIXI Double Cleanse, I scoop around a twenty pence piece sized amount of the solid cleansing oil with a spatula and rub it between my fingertips to melt the solid texture and then gently massage my face with my fingertips to break down my makeup. The oil is very effective at quickly dissolving my makeup, and can even be used directly on the eyes for eye makeup and it doesn’t sting whatsoever.

Once I resemble a panda with my eye makeup smudged all over my face, I use a face cloth to remove the melted makeup and cleanser and whilst my face is damp I go ahead with the second step. I do find I need less of the cream cleanser than I need for the solid cleanser, so I have quite a bit more of the cream cleanser within the pot than I do the solid oil. I take around a five pence piece sized amount of the cream cleanser and massage it into the skin and rinse with the face cloth to finish.

I love that this product takes away the guess work on what cleansers you should use and when, and it’s so easy to use even with the two steps and takes no more than a few minutes to complete both steps and my skin is always left feeling very soft, moisturised and thoroughly cleansed without any discomfort.

It’s such a simple product which will suit everyone, and there’s absolutely nothing not to like so it’s well worth trying especially as it’s only £24 which makes each cleanser £12 which is a great price considering the quality of the ingredients in both of the cleansers. I really can understand why this is such a hyped product, and I hope Caroline will introduce more products in collaboration with Pixi very soon.

Have you tried the Pixi Double Cleanse? What were your thoughts?


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