Style Freedom Haircare

Style Freedom Haircare

Style Freedom is a brand which is doing the rounds on blogs right now since their launch into Superdrug, alongside their other range; Colour Freedom. I’ve not been able to try any of the Colour Freedom products out as my hair is naturally very dark so tones and dyes very rarely show up, but I have been able to try a selection of the Style Freedom Haircare range out over the last couple of weeks. I’ve been trying to look online to find out more about the Style Freedom brand but there isn’t very much information surrounding the brand but they are owned by Knight & Wilson.

As I mentioned, the Style Freedom Haircare products are available to purchase on the Superdrug website and instore too with 17 products at the time of writing this post. I really like the branding of the bottles and tubes, but I’m not a fan of the boxes as they’re an off white colour which makes them look like they’re old but they’re obviously not, but the bottles and tubes are all very sleek with pastel watercolour effect backgrounds behind the silver brand name on each of the Style Freedom Haircare products.

Style Freedom Haircare

Style Freedom Hair Detox Kit £7.99

The first I was kindly gifted was the Style Freedom Hair Detox Kit which isn’t a product which is suitable for my hair type sadly as my hair and scalp are extremely dry, and I suffer from psorasis of the scalp so I can’t use clarifying and stripping formulas as they only strip my hair of moisture even further. Sometimes I do suffer from product build up, but I then use a gentle clarifying shampoo but if you have issues with oily hair, this kit would probably be more appropriate. It’s a two part kit which contains one tube which is a Purifier and a second tube which is a Revitaliser.

“Style-Freedom Hair Detox Kit is a two part system that firstly uses ingredients including Green Tea and Citrus to detoxify the hair shaft, removing all impurities. Secondly, the system replenishes and nourishes the freshly detoxed hair with Shea Butter and Vitamin E to renew strength and vitality. Pamper your hair to a weekly Style-Freedom Hair Detox treatment. Purified and Revitalised hair, Improved Styling, Improved Appearance, Increased growing ability due to strength & quality.”

Directions To use, apply part 1 to freshly rinsed hair. Work through from roots to end and leave for 5 minutes. Rinse until water runs clear. Apply part 2 to lightly towel dried hair by working through from mid-length’s to ends. Leave on hair for 10 minutes, then rinse until water runs clear.

Style Freedom Haircare

Style Freedom Pure Shine £7.99

This is a non-aerosol shine mist which you can spray over your finished style in order to impart extra shine whilst also combating frizz and flyaway hair. Style Freedom also say that the mist can be used on wet hair but I personally prefer using it on my finished style as I have fine hair which can become overloaded very easily.

I really like the atomiser on this bottle as it sprays a nice, fine mist over the hair without leaving it feeling wet in just one place. My favourite time to use this is when I’ve used a salt spray or texture spray within my hair which tend to be quite mattifying on the hair, so this adds back a nice dose of shine.

Style Freedom Haircare

Style Freedom Detangler £7.99

This is my favourite product from the selection I’ve been trialling and the one I’d recommend trying the most if you have similar hair to mine. My hair is around waist length, and although it has layers, it’s extremely thick even though my actual hair strands are fine.. I just have a ridiculous amount of hair which becomes tangled and knotty extremely easily.

I have to brush my hair throughout the day or it becomes a knotty mess, so whenever I wash my hair it becomes an absolute mission to try and coax the knots out of my hair especially if I’ve worn my hair in a messy bun or use texturising spray. This detangler is also a leave in conditioner so it promises to detangle, but also condition and leave the hair shiny. It’s ridiculously lightweight, and never leaves my hair overloaded and weighed down and more importantly it effectively detangles the hair whilst smelling divine too.

Style Freedom Haircare

Style Freedom Shimmer Cream £7.99

Sadly with beauty, we can’t all love everything and unfortunately this was the only disappointing product within the Style Freedom Haircare selection I’ve tried. This is a cream which you apply to towel dried hair prior to using your hairdryer to protect against the heat whilst also adding shine. I only used around a five pence sized amount of this cream as I always like to go sparingly with haircare products but this cream left my hair, hands and face covered in glitter. The cream contains shimmer to it adds shine to the hair, but the glitter transferred to everything which I just cannot get on board with.

Style Freedom Haircare

Style Freedom Rejuvenating Vitamin Oil £7.99

“Style-Freedom Rejuvenating Vitamin Oil is the ideal option for those who want to quickly infuse their hair with a burst of vitality. Perfect for all hair types, Rejuvenating Vitamin Oil is particularly beneficial for long, mature, dry or damaged hair. Strengthens hair, Features Vitamin A & E, Anti-Oxidant, UV Protection . Provides both protection & Nourishment, Tames and Controls, Non-Greasy, Supports long hair health and hair growth.”

The oil can be used on both damp or dry hair by smoothing a small amount from mid lengths to ends, avoiding the roots if you suffer from oiliness. This oil is the thinnest hair oil I’ve ever used which I think would make it really effective for those with oily hair that can’t use more nourishing formulas as it’s actually quite runny and the pump gives you good control on how much you dispense.

As far as hair oils go, it’s not as good as MoroccanOil but it’s not going to be as it’s only £7.99 and MoroccanOil is over £30 but if you’re on a budget and you’re looking for an hair oil which will leave your hair feeling silky, soft and smooth this is a good option as you get 100ml making it really reasonable.

Style Freedom Haircare

Style Freedom Beach Body Spray £7.99

The last Style Freedom Haircare product I’ve been testing is the Beach Body Spray which is described as being a non-sticky spray that boosts waves and movement along with creating super body and is ideal for hard to curl hair, flat-flat hair and straight hair in need of texture. My hair is naturally wavy and I only need to scrunch product in it whilst wet, and I get big voluminous hair so I love using salt sprays as they’re so quick and easy to use and my go-to hairstyle during the summer when I don’t want to be faffing with hot tools.

To use this spray, I simply scrunch it through my towel dried hair and leave my hair to dry naturally. By using this spray, my hair has an amazing amount of body and texture without feeling crispy or dry like some beach sprays do. This is a 250ml bottle too so you get a lot of product for your money as I only have to do around four or five pumps, and again it smells really lovely like the whole Style Freedom Haircare range.

I would love to know if you’ve tried anything from the Style Freedom Haircare range? Is there anything I’ve featured above which you’d like to try yourself? Please let me know in the comments below…

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