Beauty Blender Liner Designer Review

Beauty Blender Liner Designer

There are so many gimmicks within the beauty world but occasionally a product comes along which looks like a gimmick but totally works such as the Beauty Blender Liner Designer. When I first read about the Beauty Blender Liner Designer, I knew I had to try it as I love wearing eyeliner on a daily basis so I knew I’d get a lot of use from it if it worked. The Beauty Blender Liner Designer is £14 and is described as being a genius triple-edged eyeliner guide to ‘become your steady hand and symmetry expert’ when applying eyeliner, and can be used with all eyeliner formats; pencils, pens, gel creams, liquid and powder.

Beauty Blender Liner DesignerBeauty Blender Liner DesignerBeauty Blender Liner Designer

The Beauty Blender Liner Designer Set includes a white plastic teardrop compact with a mirror in one side and slots on the other to hold the Liner Designer tool in place. I really like how compact it is as it would take up very little room in your makeup bag. As well as the compact and Liner Designer, the set also includes a plastic suction pad which fixes onto the back of the compact in the ‘place suction here’ section so you can attach the mirrored compact to an hard service so you have both of your hands free to do your liner.

How to use:

  • Attach the compact to a hard surface using the suction cup and place at eye level
  • Use the mirror with a 5X magnifier for an eagle eye view to better apply your eyeliner
  • Rub liner.designer in between your hands to warm up the eyeliner tool for 10-15 seconds
  • Place the pointed corner of liner.designer on the outside edge of your eye when applying eyeliner using a sharp pencil or liquid eyeliner to create a design of your choice (the slightly tacky coating allows for the tool to adhere to the face to help keep it in place)
  • For a more dramatic cat eye, use the long, straight side to draw out and elongate a curved, long wing
  • For a subtle cat eye, use the shorter, curved side to create a straighter wing
  • Use liner.designer to line the bottom of the eyes by using the larger, curved side applying liner to the bottom inner and outer corners in a smooth, clean line

Before purchasing the Beauty Blender Liner Designer, I knew it might have been a total gimmick but it really does work and I’m so happy I bought it as it’s revolutionised my eyeliner application. It’s incredibly easy to apply, and I like that you can suction the compact onto any hard service without having to hold a mirror whilst trying to do your liner.

When I mentioned the Liner Designer on Twitter someone told me that I should have just used a guitar plectrum but it wouldn’t have been half as effective as this as the tacky coating on the pink Liner Designer genuinely does adhere to the skin so you have both hands to concentrate on the application of the liner. Even though I’ve worn eyeliner for a good 14 years (god I’m old), I still love how easy this tool makes my eyeliner application and I really like that it allows you to create different winged liner effects and in my opinion, it’s well worth the £14 and I would repurchase tomorrow if I lost it.

Have you ever tried the Beauty Blender Liner Designer?

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