Dartington Crystal Glitz Highball Glasses

Dartington Crystal Glitz Highball GlassesDartington Crystal Glitz Highball Glasses

It’s been exactly one month since Miss Makeup Magpie became Gemma Etc. and I’m so happy I finally made the decision to change my blog name. I felt so limited by having ‘makeup’ within my blog name, and I wanted to be able to blog about whatever I fancied without worrying about it fitting the ‘makeup’ genre.

Don’t get me wrong this will always primarily be a beauty blog but I’m so happy to blog about other content now without worrying about deviating from my blog name. One of the reasons I chose my last blog name was my obsession with sparkle. I just can’t resist anything glittery or sparkly and when I saw the Dartington Crystal Glitz Highball Glasses £39 I fell in love with them as I’ve never seen drinking glasses with crystals before.

Dartington Crystal Glitz Highball Glasses

I am never one for New Year’s Resolutions so I don’t tend to make them as I rarely stick to them but I did make one goal for the year and that was to cut down on fizzy drinks. I don’t drink tea, coffee or alcoholic drinks so my one vice was fizzy drinks and I used to drink a ridiculous amount of them.

I always drink sugar free drinks but they’re still not good for me so I promised myself that I would cut down and drink more squash. It’s now May and I’ve reduced my fizzy drink intake to just three a week which is amazing considering I used to drink around three a day and I now enjoy drinking squash and I honestly believe it’s down to having nice glasses to drink from.

I’ve never been a very good water drinker but I decided that now I need to try and drink more plain water rather than squash but I don’t like really thick, chunky glasses which I know sounds weird but I much prefer a thinner glass.

Dartington Crystal Glitz Highball Glasses

The Dartington Crystal Glitz Highball Glasses looked like they’d be perfect as they’re handmade and are made from crystal, and come beautifully presented within a black gift box with holographic writing. I don’t think the image on the website does the box justice as it’s much, much nicer in real life compared to the image on the website.

It really would make for the most lovely gift for a female of any age, as who wouldn’t love pretty glasses? Each glass feels nice and weighty, and feels so luxurious to any other glasses I own and what makes them even more special is that they’re hand finished with genuine Swarovski crystals which catch the light beautifully alongside some wave style etchings in the glass. I know it’s all psychological but I genuinely feel like water tastes better within these Dartington Crystal Glitz Highball Glasses and they’re helping me to drink more water which is a massive bonus.

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