Glitter Tubes Pressed Glitters

Pressed Glitters are everywhere right now and I decided I finally needed to jump on the bandwagon as I love glitter so much and would totally wear it everyday if I could get away with it. There are so many different online stores which sell pressed glitter so I had no idea which one to purchase from, but I decided upon Glitter Tubes as I liked that you could purchase seven pressed glitters and a storage tin for £22.50 as I had no idea how to store them once I bought them. 

I did look into making my own pressed glitters but after pricing up the components I’d need such as glycerin, alcohol, aloe etc it worked out cheaper to just purchase ready made pressed glitters as I don’t already own any loose glitters so I’d have to purchase glitter too. The Glitter Tubes Pressed Glitters 7 Pan Collection allows you to choose a gold or silver storage tin, and then you can choose any seven shades to fill your tin for £22.50. I stupidly only added six to my basket and checked out, so I emailed their customer service with the 7th shade I wanted and they were extremely helpful and amended my order for me.

Glitter Tubes Pressed GlittersGlitter Tubes Pressed Glitters

It was so hard to choose the seven shades I wanted from the selection of 50 Glitter Tubes Pressed Glitters but I decided to be as neutral as possible with a couple pops of colour as I’m such a neutral girl, I knew I’d never be brave enough to wear turquoise blue glitter. When the glitters arrived they were very well packed with each individual glitter being packaged within a protective cardboard sleeve so you can add them to your tin yourself, and each glitter has a magnet on the base with their individual shade names.

In hindsight I wish I’d bought the glitters individually rather than this set as I would have bought more and you don’t save any money by doing this set as you just get the tin thrown in, and the Glitter Tubes Pressed Glitters are only £2.50 each for a 3g pan. I’ve never tried any other pressed glitters from any other brands as I usually use glitter liner for my glitter fix so I didn’t really know what to expect from these glitters.

Glitter Tubes Pressed GlittersGlitter Tubes Pressed GlittersGlitter Tubes Pressed Glitters

Mocha – “Brown Metallic”

Tiki – “Rose-Gold Bronze Metallic”

Gravy – “Brown Holographic”

Caramela – “Light Gold Metallic”

Atomic – “Multi-Toned Green/Brown/Gold”

Pound – “Pale Gold Holographic”

Metal Ashes – “Silver Holographic”

The multicoloured shifts of the glitter was a nightmare to capture even with a macro lens, but I hope they give you an idea of the colour and the size of the glitter particles. For these swatches I didn’t use any primer whatsoever but when I’ve applied to my lids I’ve been using either the Too Faced or NYX Glitter Adhesive to try and minimise the fallout as much as possible.

The first three shades; Mocha, Tiki and Gravy were a lot drier than the other four shades and I find them difficult to apply as the glitter isn’t very creamy within the mixture like the other four shades. Due to them being considerably drier, they’re a fall out nightmare sadly so much so I just can’t use them as the glitter falls down throughout the day no matter what base or application method I use which is such a shame. The other four shades are much, much better which I hope my swatches show above.

I’m new to the whole pressed glitter thing but I never expected to experience any staining of my eyelids when using these glitters. I researched online and couldn’t find anything about staining but oh my gosh Tiki stains my lid a bright pink colour, Atomic stains my eyelid green and Pound stains my eyelid yellow. None of the other shades stain.. just those three so I have no idea why but it happens even if I apply a primer and a shadow underneath – it stains through both layers and the stain lasts for a couple of days which I’m obviously not happy with at all.

I don’t know if it’s just Glitter Tubes that has this issue but I’m interested to try either Glitter Injections or Glitter Eyes next to see if they have issues with dryness and/or staining and I’m just loving these glitters sadly. I really cannot fault their customer service but these glitters just haven’t wowed me due to the inconsistency issues with dryness and staining. They’re undeniably pretty but for £22.50 I wish I’d bought another (I already own one) Stila Glitter & Glow Shadow instead as I feel I would have had a better experience.

I would really appreciate it if you’ve ever tried the Glitter Tubes Pressed Glitters or any other brand if you could tell me if the staining is the ‘norm’ and if you have any recommendations for brands I should try? Let me know down below…

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