Pierre Marcolini Les Rêves de Pierre

13th May 2017

Pierre Marcolini Les Rêves de Pierre Chocolate CollectionPierre Marcolini Les Rêves de Pierre Chocolate CollectionPierre Marcolini Les Rêves de Pierre Chocolate Collection

Although makeup/beauty will always be my first love, chocolate is my second. I have been a massive chocoholic ever since I was little and I love trying new brands, and ever since rebranding my blog so I could introduce non-beauty products, I decided it was the perfect time to feature the beautiful Pierre Marcolini Les Rêves de Pierre Chocolate Collection.

I’d never heard of the Pierre Marcolini Haute Chocolaterie before they contacted me, but after a little research it’s clear to see they’re a very luxurious chocolatier with a boutique in Marylebone for the ultimate chocolate experience. Pierre Marolini does have an online store which ships to most international countries with the Pierre Marcolini Les Rêves de Pierre collection launching on the 11th of May.

The Pierre Marcolini Les Rêves de Pierre means ‘ dreams of Pierre’ who’s combining irresistible summer fruits with healthy ingredients for the collection which includes Songes (dreams). Barre Chocolat and Macarons, and I have one of the Songes selections containing 18 ‘dreams’ cubes £19 in the most beautiful presentation box. The box contains six different flavours which feature either a cereal praline and smooth ganache combo or a duo of cereal pralines with caramel. The flavours include;

  • Crunchy quinoa praline and raspberry ganache coated in dark chocolate.
  • Crunchy three cereal praline, passion fruit and lime zest caramel coated in milk chocolate.
  • Crunchy sesame praline, yuzu caramel, coated in white chocolate.
  • Crunchy spelt praline, vanilla and star anise ganache coated in white chocolate.
  • Crunchy white almond praline lemon and bergamot ganache coated in white chocolate.
  • Crunchy pearl barley praline, lemon and pink peppercorn caramel coated in dark chocolate.

I really love that the box contains three of each flavour so you can enjoy the box with a partner or friend, or of course just indulge on your own and each individual chocolate is around the size of a dice. The attention to detail really is amazing, and they’d make for such a gorgeous gift for any summer birthdays or occasions you may have coming up as they’re so unique to anything else I’ve seen or tried before.

The quality of the chocolate really is fantastic as are the different textures and flavours within the selection. If chocolate isn’t your thing, the macarons look equally delicious so if you’re in the Marylebone area, make sure you pop into the boutique for a look.

Do you love luxury chocolate? Have you ever been to the Pierre Marcolini boutique before?

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