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Pixi Highlight and Contour Palettes

Pixi Highlight and Contour Palettes

Pixi collaborated with a collection of beauty bloggers and YouTubers for the #PixiPretties collection which mainly consists of makeup products alongside the Pixi Double Cleanse. One of the YouTuber’s Pixi chose to collaborate with was Maryam Maquillage; a US based beauty YouTuber which I’d never heard of before getting my hands on the collection. Pixi created three separate products with Maryam Maquillage which are all based around contouring and highlighting with the Pixi Highlight and Contour Palettes, the Pixi Strobe & Bronze Palette and the Pixi Strobe & Sculpt Brush.

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Both of the Pixi Highlight and Contour Palettes within the collection were created for skin considerably deeper in tone than mine – for reference, Maryam uses the Sand and Caramel shades of the Too Faced Born This Way foundation which is eleven shades darker than the shade which matches me the best (their lightest shade is still too dark for me) so these palettes really aren’t suited for fair and light skintones.

I’m not at all bothered by that because the whole idea of the collection is that each influencer created a product which was perfect to them, so these shades are shades which suit Maryam’s skintone and preferences. I can’t make any of the shades work for me in either palette but rather than not swatch them on my blog, I decided I’d go ahead incase any of my readers were curious about the shades.

I know it’s ridiculously hard for those with very pale skin to find products which work for them, but I also know that the same issues exist for those on the opposite end of the spectrum with the more richer skintones so I do think it’s great that Pixi have created a range of contour, highlight and strobing powders which cater for deeper skintones.

For obvious reasons I can’t wear these powders so I cannot verify any wear times but they are all intensely pigmented, smooth and very blendable which I hope is helpful but I’ll be gifting both palettes to my friend that wears the Too Faced Warm Beige shade. It’s just not fair for me to write negatively about the powders about them not matching my skintone when they weren’t designed for polar bear pale skin like mine  😀 but if you do have a medium-dark skintone, I think these shades would be a much better match.

Pixi Highlight and Contour PalettesPixi Highlight and Contour Palettes

Pixi Strobe & Sculpt Brush £16

Kicking off the trio with the Pixi Strobe & Sculpt Brush which can be used on its own or with either/both of the two palettes. The brush is dual ended with super soft synthetic bristles which is designed for the application of contour, bronzers and highlighters. The ‘Sculpt’ end of the brush is slightly flat and was created for contouring, whereas the ‘Strobe’ end of the brush features a tapered brush for the application of highlighter.

The brush has a dark bronze coloured metal handle and ferrules with the bristles being white in colour with a brown ombré effect which makes the brush look as if it’s a duo-fiber brush. The bristles really are lovely and soft but I do wish the Sculpt end of the brush was a little thinner as I find it to be a little too big and thick for contouring and it doesn’t fit within the hollows of the cheeks very well nor does it lend itself well for contouring the nose as it’s just too big. The Strobe end of the brush is absolutely perfect for highlighter as it allows you apply and blend your highlighters.

Pixi Highlight and Contour PalettesPixi Highlight and Contour PalettesPixi Highlight and Contour Palettes 1

Pixi Strobe & Bronze Palette £24

This palette contains three strobing powders and three bronzing powders for “natural lighting and sunkissed warmth created by Maryam”. The bronze shades were created to help give natural definition, while the strobing powders give a soft luminosity to amplify and catch the light. The powders are described as having a sheer yet buildable mineral formula which blends seamlessly for a flawless, fade-proof finish. The three Strobe powders are; Highline, Empress and Lex and the three Bronze powders are; City Kitty, Statuesque and 917.

Pixi Highlight and Contour Palettes Pixi Highlight and Contour Palettes Pixi Highlight and Contour Palettes

Pixi Strobe & Sculpt Palette £24

The Pixi Strobe & Sculpt Palette contains three strobing shades and three sculpting shades designed for refined lighting and defined shading created by Maryam. “The contour shades create realistic shadows to recede features, while highlight shades gives a strobe-like luminosity to amplify & reflect light. Sheer yet buildable mineral powders blend seamlessly for a flawless, fade-proof finish.” The three Strobe shades are; Baby Chick, Caviar Dreams and Honey Bunny and the three Sculpt shades are Minx, Bo$$ Lady and Queen.

I really do think the palettes are an amazing price as each pan works out at just £4 each, and each powder contains 1.8g of product too. The packaging of the palettes is very simple but sleek at the same time with clear lids, and pastel green plastic which holds the pans in place. I don’t think the packaging is going to be super protective but it feels substantial enough for a makeup bag when travelling and I like that they’ve managed to keep the price relatively low for six generously sized pans. I’m not sure you’d need both palettes as the contour/bronze shades do overlap a little but you could always use them as eyeshadows too, I really like the brush as I’ve never tried any Pixi makeup brushes before.

Have you tried anything from the #PixiPretties collection?

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