Vera Mona Cake and Bake Beauty Sponge

19th May 2017

Vera Mona are best known for their range of makeup brush cleaning sponges which allow you to switch colours during your makeup application without the need to wash or spot clean your brushes. I’ve never tried the original Vera Mona Colour Switch but I’ve tried similar versions as they work really well. Following the success of their Colour Switch range, they’ve collaborated with JC Makeup Master to create the Vera Mona Cake and Bake Beauty Sponge £13.95 which is available to purchase exclusively at Beauty Chamber.

I have to admit I had no idea who JC Makeup Master is but after a little research, I discovered that he’s a celebrity makeup artist and the Vera Mona Cake and Bake Beauty Sponge has been raved about by Manny MUA on YouTube. It’s a limited edition sponge too so it’s bound to sell out quickly after Manny gave it such high praise in this video.

Vera Mona Cake and Bake Beauty Sponge

Now I am pretty basic when it comes to makeup and I very rarely follow the Instagram makeup trends as I just don’t have the lifestyle where I need super heavy and dramatic makeup although I kinda wish I did. The baking trend looks like it’s here to stay and until now I’d never tried it as I didn’t really see the point but I thought I’d give it a try with the Vera Mona Cake and Bake Beauty Sponge as it sounded like a pretty handy sponge.

The Cake and Bake Beauty Sponge is an unique beauty sponge that can be used wet, or dry, for full face makeup application, baking, and setting. The sponge is a bright purple colour and is a pretty large rectangular sponge with sharp edges along the sides for baking and ends for setting too.

Vera Mona Cake and Bake Beauty Sponge

I didn’t expect the sponge to be as large as it is and I don’t own any rectangular sponges so it did feel strange at first, but beauty sponges used to be angular wedges before the whole teardrop beauty sponge craze started. The sponge can be used damp or dry but I prefer to use it dry as I don’t like using a damp sponge when applying/setting powder so it’s down to preference.

I like to use the two ends of the sponge for applying loose powder underneath my eyes and then use the edges to drag along the bottom of cheekbone in one stroke; it’s ridiculously easy and I’m new to the whole baking trend. If you have no idea what baking is, it’s a makeup technique which originated within the drag community many years ago but it refers to letting loose translucent powder sit on the top of your makeup for 5 to 10 minutes which allows the heat from your face to set your makeup in place and you simply dust it off once you’re done.

Vera Mona Cake and Bake Beauty Sponge

I’d recommend reading this for more information if you’re new to ‘Baking’ but it really is very easy to do and will be something I do when wearing heavier, more dramatic makeup and not something I’d do everyday. I think the Vera Mona Cake and Bake Beauty Sponge is a great tool for baking novices and experts as it makes it even easier to do and the straight edges allow for a very chiselled look when baking your contour but you could use the baking technique anywhere on your face. My current favourite loose setting powder is the ELF HD Setting Powder which I find works really well with this sponge, and the sponge is very easy to clean inbetween uses too.

Vera Mona Cake and Bake Beauty Sponge 1
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