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Vichy Suncare

Vichy Suncare

When this little Vichy Suncare arrived on my doorstep we were in the middle of a mini heatwave, so it’s crazy to believe I’m writing this post wrapped up in the most unglamorous dressing gown and fluffy socks imaginable as we’re going through a real cold spell.

The British weather is ridiculously unpredictable especially when you consider that this time last year we were competing with the Mediterranean with our weather, but as it’s so unpredictable I like to ensure I’m alway stocked up with suncream. It’s now the beginning of May and I’m not entirely sure when it’ll get warmer but even if it’s not gloriously warm, it’s still very important to wear sun protection every single day as the sun is still very damaging regardless of the temperature.

The sun’s UV rays damage the fibres in the skin called ‘elastin’ so by using sun protection, you’re protecting yourself against premature ageing as well as protecting yourself against skin damage as 90% of skin cancers are caused by the sun which is such an alarming percentage.

When I was young I used to hate suncream as it was thick, white, greasy and unpleasant but it really has come so far over the years and is much easier to apply and feels considerably more comfortable on the skin. I’ve used a lot of Vichy products but I can’t recall ever using any Vichy Suncare products so when the brand asked if I’d like to give some a try, I knew I wanted to as I love Vichy as a brand.

Vichy SuncareVichy Suncare

Vichy Ideal Soleil Anti-Sand Milk SPF 30 £18

I think we’ve all experienced the horrible sand sticking to your suncream scenario but the new Anti-Sand Milk is designed to fix that issue. This sun milk combines sensorial textures and expert protection for high efficacy sun care that’s a pleasure to wear with UVA and UVB filters, the formula will absorb the sun’s radiation and reflect rays away from the skin, leaving skin optimally protected. It is enriched with Vichy Mineralizing Water for fast absorption whilst protecting against free radicals caused by sun exposure. The non-sticky and water resistant formula has a dry finish, which allows sand to brush off skin with ease.

I’ve never used such a lightweight sun lotion as this as it sounds like a bottle of water when you shake the bottle, and I hope the photo does the thin consistency justice. It’s the thinnest sun lotion I’ve ever tried and it doesn’t leave my skin feeling remotely tacky which really surprised me. I really like that the bottle has a pump too so you can control how much product you use, and I feel like the thinner consistency makes it go further too.

I know sun lotions aren’t the most glamorous beauty product but this is my favourite sun lotion I’ve tried and I’m going to purchase the SPF50 version as my skin’ much too pale for factor 30 but it’s definitely going to be my sun protection of choice going forward as I’m really impressed.

Vichy SuncareVichy Suncare

Vichy Suncare Ideal Soleil Mattifying Face Fluid £16.50

The Vichy Suncare Ideal Soleil Mattifying Face Fluid Dry Touch 50+ is a specially formulated fluid that offers high protection without a greasy feel for combination to oily skin types. It’s enriched with pigmentary filters and silica microspheres to leave the skin feeling clean and soft to the touch, while combating shine all day. High UVA and UVB sunscreens shield the skin against sun damage, preventing hyperpigmentation and premature skin ageing.

Vichy Thermal Spa Water soothes and cools the skin upon application. This facial SPF isn’t suitable for my skin type but I did give it a try just to see what the consistency was like as I have dry skin and the last thing I need is a product which mattifies. Like the Anti-Sand Milk, it has a very thin consistency which absorbs into the skin instantly and mattifies on contact with the skin. It doesn’t feel greasy like some facial sun protections can so I think it’ll work well for those with oily skin as I imagine it’s very effective at keeping the skin matte.

Vichy Suncare

Vichy Mineralizing Thermal Water £7

I swear by using facial mists throughout the warmer months, and tend to prefer those in aerosol cans the most as they feel a little cooler, even though some just see it as an unecessary product as it’s just ‘water in a can’. This particular facial mist has a light and refreshing formulation which is rich in fifteen rare mineral salts and oligo-elements that work to decongest, relieve redness, soothe sensitive skin and reinforce the skin’s natural protection.

Protected and fortified, skin is more resistant to environmental aggressions. The reparative water is recognized by the French Academy of Medicine for its soothing properties. Now I have to admit, I’ve not seen any improvement in my skin since using this mist as I use it to cool my skin down or refresh my makeup but I like that is contains mineral salts to soothe sensitive skin like mine. I love storing this mist in the fridge so it’s super cooling on warmer days and it has a nice fine mist too.

Have you tried any Vichy Suncare products before? Do you have any specific product recommendations at all?

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