Lee Stafford Haircare

4th June 2017

Lee Stafford Haircare

Lee Stafford haircare range is my absolute favourite drugstore haircare range and has been ever since I discovered the brand when I worked at Boots whilst studying for my A Levels. Their Poker Straight Flat Iron Mist is my most repurchased haircare product of all time and love trying new products from the brand as I’m rarely disappointed. Lee Stafford’s products always really stand out whenever I’m in Boots with their bright pink packaging and bold product names and I couldn’t wait to try three of their newest Lee Stafford Haircare launches from their standard haircare range as well as their Coco Loco collection.

Lee Stafford Haircare

Lee Stafford Haircare Coco Loco Coconut Heat Protection Mist £5.99

The Coco Loco Coconut Heat Protection Mist is the newest addition to their Coco Loco collection and is a spray which you can use in both damp or dry hair as a gentle shield to protect the hair against heat upto 220C allowing you to dry, curl or straighten your hair. It contains conditioning coconut oil to nourish and repair damaged hair and contains 0% alcohol leaving you with stronger, shinier and healthier hair.

Quite a few heat protection sprays are designed to be used with hair straighteners and not just general hot tools, but I really like that this mist protects the hair against every heated hair tool – even hair driers. I find that hair driers can be super damaging as they’re used on the hair whilst wet which is when it’s most vulnerable to damage so I like to spritz this mist throughout my towel dried hair and again before using any further tools such as a curling wand or straighteners.

The mist smells divine with a gorgeously tropical coconut scent which lingers in the hair just like their Poker Straight Mist, however the Coco Loco Mist doesn’t have a super intense fragrance like the Poker Straight Mist. I would describe the protective benefits as being on par with the Poker Straight Mist so I’m not sure you’d need both mists within your collection but if you found the original mist to be a little too heavily fragranced, the Coco Loco Mist might be a better choice but I love them both equally.

Lee Stafford Haircare

Lee Stafford Haircare Hair Growth Scalp Scrub £8.99

I’ve never used a scrub on my hair/scalp before so I was pretty intrigued by this scalp scrub especially as it’s part of the Lee Stafford Hair Growth range which consists of six different products that are targeted towards encouraging healthy hair growth.

The Lee Stafford Hair Growth Scalp Scrub is a pre-wash hair treatment which nourishes the scalp and removes product build up and pollution within the hair and scalp. It contains gentle exfoliating particles which work to unblock hair follicles and stimulate the scalp to accelerate natural hair growth.

The scrub contains the Lee Stafford “Pro-Growth Complex” which is a protein based complex to fertilise follicles and create an healthy environment on the scalp to help hair grow faster, as well as Anelgine (and hydrolysed lupine protein) which provides peptides and trace elements that stimulate the metabolic activity of hair bulb cells to stimulate growth.

To use the scrub apply directly into your damp, unwashed hair’s roots and scalp and gently massage in and leave for three minutes before rinsing and following with shampoo. I have to start off by saying this is one weird product. It feels so insane to be rubbing scrub into your scalp and I was worried about it being uncomfortable as I have psoriasis of the scalp but it didn’t sting or feel uncomfortable; in fact it feels really satisfying and makes me wish I’d found a hair scrub before.

I was also concerned the granules would be hard to rinse from the hair but they easily rinse away and find that my shampoo removes any granules I’ve missed. I can’t comment on whether it’s improved hair growth as I’m not sure this one product alone will have such an impact but I do really like how effective the scrub is at removing product build up and it’s also reduced how itchy my scalp can feel with the psoriasis which is a very welcome benefit.

Lee Stafford Haircare

Lee Stafford Haircare Lived In Spray £5.99

The Lee Stafford Lived In Spray is for those that crave the defined texture but still want your hair to feel clean as it’s a lightweight finishing spray which aims to give separation and loose structure for a laid back I woke up like this look. To use the spray you simply mist it onto the mid-lengths and ends of your dry finished style or use it as a prepping spray to create an easy, thrown together updo.

I like wearing my hair straight as I have naturally wavy hair but I don’t like how unflattering straight hair can be, so I always like to finish with a texturising spray to give my hair a little more body and a little less perfect. This definitely is a lightweight texture spray as some can feel somewhat chalky in the hair and leave my hair feeling almost dirty but this isn’t at all like that providing you avoid the roots entirely. I would actually compare this to the ridiculously priced Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray which is £41 – I’d much rather pay £6 for this spray which actually smells nicer too, with the same results.

I’d love to know if you’ve tried any of these new Lee Stafford haircare products? 

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