Milani Makeup Brushes

Milani Makeup Brushes

I really do love trying new makeup brushes and although I have a sizeable brush collection, I can’t resist adding new brushes to my collection. I had no idea that Milani even did makeup brushes, but they have a range of six different makeup brushes and I couldn’t wait to try them as I’m loving Milani as a brand right now. The Milani Makeup Brushes are available to purchase from Beauty Chamber alongside the rest of the Milani product range which I love as I used to have to pay extortionate prices via eBay or Amazon if I wanted to get my hands on Milani products.

The Milani Makeup Brushes are completely cruelty free and are made from synthetic nylon bristles which are white and brown with an almost duo-fibre effect. The brushes are absolutely beautiful with glossy black lacquered wooden handles and shiny gold metallic ferrules and they feel so weighty and luxurious.

Black and gold are one of my favourite combinations which is probably why I love these brushes so much, but they really do look super sleek and nothing like their budget friendly price tags. Plus I haven’t experienced any shedding whatsoever when applying makeup or being washed so they really are fantastic quality brushes.

Milani Makeup Brushes

Milani Powder/Bronzer Brush £15.99

“Blend and buff to complexion-perfection with this 2-in-1 Powder and Bronzer brush designed to deliver a smooth flawless finish. Soft, dome-shaped bristles pick up and deposit the perfect amount of foundation powder or bronzer to the face, and blends it evenly for a healthy looking complexion.”

The Milani Powder/Bronzer Brush is now my new favourite powder brush. Until now my favourite powder brush had been the Real Techniques Powder Brush which I like but it really is huge and I don’t like to apply powder all over my face and go overboard as I have dark hair so I’m always conscious of the powder leaving a grey cast on my hair. This brush is still a very decent size but it’s not excessively big so you have a good amount of control on where you want to apply your powder or bronzer.

The bristles are incredibly soft and silky, and I’d even say they’re softer than the Real Techniques brushes too. Due to the brush not being too big, you could use this for blusher if you concentrate the blush onto the middle of the brush so you can use the outer bristles to blend it out but it’s nice and fluffy, and as I said is now my new favourite go-to powder brush.

Milani Makeup Brushes

Milani Foundation Brush £15.99

“Get ready for your close-up! This foundation brush instantly blends powder, cream and liquid foundation. Soft, flat-top bristles blend seamlessly to provide an airbrushed foundation look, and strong synthetic bristles ensure a flawless, frustration-free application.”

I used to always favour flat top foundation brushes such as this for applying my foundation but these days I prefer to use a beauty sponge as I find a damp beauty sponge prevents my foundation from clinging to my dry patches. I do however reach for a flat top foundation brush whenever I’m wanting a fuller coverage which this brush is perfect for as it’s nice and dense allowing you to buff your chosen foundation into the skin. I’d describe the Milani Foundation Brush as being a dupe for the Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki Brush except this brush is slightly less dense which I find offers a little more blendability.

Milani Makeup Brushes

Milani Blush Brush £12.99

“This brush has us blushing. It brightens and sculpts the cheeks, taking your face from dull to radiant in seconds. Curved edges and super-soft bristles pick up and deposit the perfect amount of color. Tapered bristles hug the contours of the face to create a beautifully blended, natural blush look.”

The Milani Blush Brush is the last face brush within the Milani Makeup Brushes collection, and is very similar in shape to the Powder/Bronzer brush except it’s a little smaller. The bristles are domed but not overly rounded like the Powder Brush so you can use the brush to both place and blend product onto the cheeks. The size of the brush head is perfect for the application of blush but you could easily use this brush for applying powder, bronzer or even highlighter with a light hand.

Milani Makeup Brushes

Milani All Over Shadow Brush £7.99

“Polish and perfect your look with this flat, soft brush perfect for applying base and highlight eyeshadow shades. Create an expert shading effect or apply and layer shadow across the entire lid area.”

I’ve been experimenting with pressed glitters recently such as the Glitter Eyes Pressed Glitters and I’ve really liked using flat eyeshadow brushes to apply them as they pack on the glitter with minimal fallout. This brush is exactly that type of brush as the bristles are relatively flat so you can pack colour or glitter onto the lid but the end of the brush can be used to gently blend shadow too. The bristles are so soft and gentle on the eyes and I also like using this brush for applying my eyeshadow primer too.

Milani Makeup Brushes

Milani Crease Brush £7.99

“Apply dark contour shades of eyeshadow with controlled precision. The small, rounded bristles of this brush fit perfectly into the eye crease to create depth and dimension. Blend and smudge out pencil and gel liners for a smoldering, smokey look.”

I don’t think you can ever have too many crease brushes or blending brushes, especially when using multiple eyeshadow shades within your makeup look. This is a small and precise pencil brush which you can use for smudging shadow or liner along your lashlines, or for applying your transition and crease shades.

I like that because it’s pretty small, you have a good amount of control on where you place the shadow so you don’t go OTT when using darker shades and end up with an accidental smoky eye when doing a ‘natural’ look – we’ve all been there. This brush is also great for applying your inner eye corner highlight as well as your browbone highlight but another surprising yet very effective use for this brush is for doing your nose contour too as it’s super small and precise.

Milani Makeup Brushes

Milani Blending Brush £7.99

“When you need to diffuse and soften eye makeup, or contour the sides of the nose, look no further than this fluffy, rounded brush with a tapered tip designed for effortless blending and soft application of color.”

This is such a good blending brush and I really don’t know why the Milani Makeup Brushes are never spoken about… they deserve so much more hype. The Milani Blending Brush’s bristles are quite long with a gentle taper, and not too dense allowing for a good level of movement when blending your eyeshadow.

I really like the Sigma E40 brush but I find that it’s too big and fluffy, and I like to keep the majority of my shadow within my crease but this brush is perfect for that as it’s relatively compact and you can use it to blend shadow along your lower lashline too. I’d honestly say that this brush gives the same results as a MAC 217 which are £21 now, and if anything I think the bristles of this brush are much softer than the 217 as these are synthetic bristles.

I’d love to know if you’ve tried any of the Milani Makeup Brushes before? Which is your favourite brush from the collection?

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