Seventeen Mono Eyeshadows

2nd June 2017

Seventeen Mono Eyeshadows

Eyeshadow palettes really are my weakness as I love how versatile they are and that you can generally create a whole eyeshadow look from one palette. Recently however I’ve developed a love for solo eyeshadows which can be used alone for a ‘one shadow look’ yet give the appearance you’ve put in more effort than you have.

When placing a Boots online order, I decided to order a few of the Seventeen Mono Eyeshadows as they’re only £3.89 each but the shades looked stunning from what I’ve seen online, however the ‘swatches’ for each shade on the Boots website are actually ridiculous so make sure you ignore them entirely and look online for a true representation of each shade. I bought four of the shades on offer; Midnight Pearl, Statuesque, Rose Quartz and Walnut Pearl.

Seventeen Mono EyeshadowsSeventeen Mono Eyeshadows

The Seventeen Mono Eyeshadows have really nice packaging considering how affordable they are in a black plastic, squared compact with a clear lid and the lid has a really secure ‘click’ when you close/open it. Now the packaging is very solid, and to open the shadow you press the button and the lid pops open but the ‘click’ is pretty loud.

The shadow texture is very soft and whilst opening and closing the compact repeatedly on the Rose Quartz shade, the pan actually crumbled quite considerably from the bottom corner so I’m not sure they’re resilient enough for travel as the shadow broke from me only opening and closing the lid which is a little frustrating.

Midnight Pearl is the most underwhelming shade from the four that I have and is a charcoal grey with a satin finish. I don’t find it to be particularly unique or special so it’s not a shade I’d recommend as the other four are considerably nicer in my opinion.

Statuesque is a shimmery chocolate brown which looks a little rosy toned in some lights, Walnut Pearl is a warm bronze and Rose Quartz is a metallic taupe. I am so impressed with Statuesque, Walnut Pearl and Rose Quartz as they’re intensely pigmented and really beautiful shadows. My favourite shade is Rose Quartz as I love taupe shades, but Statuesque and Rose Quartz both give higher end shadows a run for their money and I can’t believe they’re under £4 each and they contain 4 grams of shadow.

Have you tried any of the Seventeen Mono Eyeshadows?

Seventeen Mono Eyeshadows 1
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