Bourjois Nail Polish Removers – Which is the best?!

26th July 2017

Bourjois Nail Polish Removers - Which is the best!

There are so many different nail polish removers to choose from, I’m never really very loyal to one brand over another. I used to prefer to use a liquid nail polish remover, but I’ve not been able to use them lately as I get an headache everytime I use them so I now use nail polish remover pots as they’re more convenient and they never cause me headaches.

I had been using the Superdrug Nail Polish Remover Pot which is only £2.99 but the sponge inside the pot is very soft so it doesn’t offer very much friction for removing nail polish so I now much prefer the Bourjois Nail Polish Removers. There are currently three different Bourjois nail polish removers to choose from and I didn’t really know the difference between each one so I decided to buy all three whilst they were on 3 for 2 so I could compare them to see which is the best?!

Bourjois Nail Polish Removers - Which is the best!

Bourjois Magic 1 Second Nail Polsih Remover 75ml £4.99

An acetone free nail polish remover which claims to remove nail polish in just one second per nail, with a gentle formula which is kind on the nails and cuticles. The remover is enriched with nourishing sweet almond oil, and is paraben free. The sponge within the pot is very firm, and the hole in the middle of the pot is relatively small so it allows for a good amount of friction to remove your nail polish, as the Superdrug remover’s hole is a little too big but the Bourjois pot is much better.

The pot also contains more nail polish remover fluid compared to Superdrug, so it lasts longer and it genuinely removes polish quickly although it’s more 3-4 seconds per nail than it is 1 second.

Bourjois Nail Polish Removers - Which is the best!

Bourjois 2 in 1 Magic Nail Polish Remover for Hands and Feet 75ml £5.99

This remove has the same formula as the ‘pink’ version and the same amount of remover, however the difference between the two is there is a piece of sponge attached to the inside of the lid so you can use it to remove your toe nail polish. The sponge is the type of sponge you’d use for washing your dishes so it’s relatively abrasive so it effectively removes toe nail polish although I’m not sure the inclusion of sponge in the lid is worth the extra £1 it costs, but if you were on holiday it would perhaps be a lot more convenient.

The sponge within the lid only stays damp whilst the pot is almost full but you could add extra nail polish remover liquid into the pot to help re-dampen the sponge. I do really like the idea of having a piece of sponge in the lid, but if I was going to repurchase one it’d have to be the usual pink version than this one.

Bourjois Nail Polish Removers - Which is the best!

Bourjois 2 in 1 Magic Dip-in Nail Polish Remover + Corrector 35ml £5.99

I spotted this third version of the Bourjois Nail Polish Removers on the Superdrug website but I couldn’t find a description anywhere so I didn’t really know what to expect but I was really surprised when it arrived as it’s exactly half the size of the other versions at only 35ml. This smaller version contains a “corrector” within the lid which is like a nail polish removing pen’s nib within the lid to remove any nail polish mistakes. I think it’s a nice idea but it’s unnecessary to have half the volume just because it has this nib within the lid.

Overall I think the original pink version of the Bourjois Nail Polish Removers is the best option as it’s the cheapest, with the greatest amount of remover and no gimmicky extras especially if you can get it on offer.

Bourjois Nail Polish Removers - Which is the best?! 1
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