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Charlotte Tilbury The Gift of Red Carpet Skin Gift Set

Charlotte Tilbury The Gift of Red Carpet Skin Gift SetCharlotte Tilbury The Gift of Red Carpet Skin Gift Set

I find it so hard to believe that the Charlotte Tilbury beauty range only launched back in 2013, as it’s already such an iconic beauty brand which is loved by many. I’ve tried a selection of Charlotte Tilbury makeup products but until recently I’d never ventured into trying their skincare range as I was little overwhelmed and unsure where to start as there are so many products to choose from. Without knowing where to start with the Charlotte Tilbury skincare range, the Charlotte Tilbury The Gift of Red Carpet Skin Gift Set £59 is the most perfect solution as it’s a fantastic gift set containing six generous trial sizes of their bestselling skincare products.

Charlotte Tilbury The Gift of Red Carpet Skin Gift Set

The Charlotte Tilbury The Gift of Red Carpet Skin Gift Set is beautifully packaged within a long burgundy gift box with rose gold writing, featuring the world’s most glamourous cities and an illustration of a woman which reminds me of Jessica Rabbit. I love that the box is designed to almost look like a suitcase, with travel friendly sized products inside and the products are all listed on the back of the box.

Looking on the Charlotte Tilbury website, it looks like the packaging has changed slightly as the products now come within a pretty makeup bag. The set contains Charlotte Tilbury’s infamous skincare saviours which will take you from morning, noon and night for the face and for the body. Charlotte herself gave the following quote to describe the Charlotte Tilbury The Gift of Red Carpet Skin Gift Set;

“I often get asked what products I use on models and actresses to make them red-carpet-ready, so as it’s a season for sharing, I’ve put together the Charlotte Tilbury The Gift of Red Carpet Skin Gift Set with travel-size versions of all my magic tricks to help you get that red-carpet-ready, flawless glow.”

Charlotte Tilbury The Gift of Red Carpet Skin Gift Set

Charlotte Tilbury The Gift of Red Carpet Skin Gift Set Contents

Charlotte Tilbury Take It All Off Genius Eye Makeup Remover 30ml

The first item in the Charlotte Tilbury The Gift of Red Carpet Skin Gift Set is the Take It All Off is an oil-rich bi-phase eye makeup remover which is enriched with Organic Cornflower water which soothes skin and clarifies complexion, Flax Flower Extract cultivated in the Swiss Alps which is a calming, soothing anti-oxidant and Veronica Extract to sooth and soften the skin whilst enhancing the skin’s natural process of regeneration.

Due to the remover having a bi-phase formula, you have to shake the bottle before use and soak a cotton pad with the solution and hold it against your eye for around ten seconds so the formula can break down your eye makeup. The full size version of the remover is packaged within a really handy pump bottle but this travel sized mini bottle is still very easy to use as it has a stopper on the top to control how much product is dispensed.

I don’t typically like using eye makeup removers which are fragranced as I have really sensitive skin and they tend to cause stinging or irritation, but even though this remover has a lovely subtle scent, it doesn’t cause any irritation or discomfort whatsoever. I’d describe the formula as being similar to the Lancôme Bi Facil Remover but I actually prefer the Charlotte Tilbury Take It All Off Genius Eye Makeup Remover as I find that it’s less oily, and it removes my eye makeup effortlessly without excessive rubbing of my eyelids and eyelashes.

Charlotte Tilbury The Gift of Red Carpet Skin Gift Set

Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow Instant Soft-Focus Beauty Flash 15ml

Wonderglow is a product I’ve heard so much about so it was the first product I delved into trying, and I had pretty high expectations as everyone loves it and it’s even an award winner. The Wonderglow is a face primer that features ingredients to give your complexion an instant pick me up to create an effortlessly dewy look. Amazingly 100% (of the 32 users tested) agreed that their skin was radiant and appeared more youthful after applying Wonderglow.

It can be used underneath your foundation as a makeup primer or alone on bare skin for a relaxed dewy look. It claims to contain state of the art fluorescent core light diffusers that absorb UV particles from the sun and re-emits their energy as visible light, illuminating your skin. Soft focus ceramic microspheres smooth over wrinkles and imperfect skin tone, creating an anti-ageing optical illusion for a flawless, poreless complexion, whilst anti-aging BioNymph Peptide Complex stimulates collagen to promote elasticity in your skin.

The description and claims are pretty impressive for a primer and I couldn’t wait to smother it all over my skin. It has a gel cream consistency which spreads nicely over the skin, absorbing instantly without leaving any stickiness to the skin. It leaves my skin feeling amazingly soft which I really didn’t expect, and it feels weightless which is rare for a primer.

The cream is a light gold colour which looks very shimmery straight from the bottle but the shimmer becomes more of a sheen when on the skin, and it really does have a brightening effect. I like that you can use it all over your face for a more diffused effect, or dab it on the top of foundation for a more concentrated illuminator effect, and I imagine it would work well for all skin types as it is so weightless on the skin.

Charlotte Tilbury The Gift of Red Carpet Skin Gift Set

Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Skin Clay Mask 15ml

From one award winner onto another with the Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Skin Clay Mask which really intrigued me as it claims to be unique to other clay masks. I really enjoy using clay masks but I do find them to be a little too stripping for my dry skin, so the Goddess Skin Clay Mask really appealed to me. It features ingredients to tighten pores, moisturise your skin and clear imperfections with 85% of (224) users agreeing their skin appears brighter.

The glow-giving formula combines Spanish clay with Sweet Almond oil to nourish your skin, BioNymph Peptide Complex promotes collagen and elasticity and Frangipani Flower extracts have antiseptic properties to soothe your skin and leave it cashmere-soft.

To use the mask you simply apply a thin layer over the face, avoiding the eye area using Charlotte’s “Wonder Workout”massage technique to apply the clay mask from the centre of the face in outward sweeping motions towards the hair line and neck, leaving it on the skin for ten minutes and then rinse. I’ve never massaged a mask onto my skin before, instead I usually use a flat foundation brush to evenly cover my skin so it felt a little strange to massage the mask as I applied it.

Due the mask being clay based, it’s very thick and creamy and even after the ten minutes have passed, it remains ‘wet’ on the skin. Most clay masks generally dry and harden on the skin, but this genuinely does feel very hydrating for a clay mask as it feels more like a thick layer of cream rather than clay.

When using clay masks I usually have to use them on my blemish prone areas such as my chin and jawline and avoid the rest of my face as it is so dry, but with this mask I can comfortably use it all over my face as it’s not at all drying. I’m not entirely sure how a mask can be so purifying yet so hydrating? It leaves my skin looking and feeling incredibly clear, as well as feeling more hydrated which is insane. It’s not the cheapest mask at £38 for a 75ml tube but it’s more affordable than GLAMGLOW, and you get more product and the results are even better so I’m definitely a convert.

Charlotte Tilbury The Gift of Red Carpet Skin Gift Set

Charlotte Tilbury Charlotte’s Magic Cream Instant Turnaround Moisturiser 15ml

Next up in the Charlotte Tilbury The Gift of Red Carpet Skin Gift Set is the Charlotte Tilbury Charlotte’s Magic Cream is the most talked about product from the skincare collection within the bloggersphere, and just like all of Charlotte’s products it boasts pretty bold claims; it is called ‘Magic Cream’ after all and yet another award winner. Charlotte says the moisturiser is her most coveted secret formula adored backstage by models and celebrities, and features ingredients to lift your complexion and intensely moisturise your skin. 100% of (of 103) users agreed their tired dull skin was instantly transformed.

• Unique ‘multi-tasking’ anti-age BioNymph Peptide Complex stimulates collagen production while fighting free radicals.

• This multi-tasking treat & transform moisturiser features a secret blend of patented ingredients to give you plump gorgeous skin every day.

• SPF15 and an anti-UVA filter protects your skin from the sun’s ageing effects.

• Hyaluronic acid and wild pansy extracts seal-in moisture so your skin feels renewed and rejuvenated.

• Rosehip and camellia oils and antioxidant vitamin E transforms dull complexions so you can get hydrated, youthful skin.

• Perfect if you want to cheat the appearance of 8 hours sleep for glowing skin in a flash.

To apply the cream, Charlotte recommend using her ‘Pro-Collagen Wonder Workout’ technique which is detailed here to get the best results from the product. Even though this is a travel size of the original, the packaging is so pretty and I love the art deco vibes. The cream has a thick consistency which feels so silky being massaged into the skin, and my dry/dehydrated skin just drinks it up.

Even though it’s a day cream, it feels extremely rich and nourishing on the skin, and really helps my makeup look better when applied over the top as my dry patches are minimised. Even though it’s one of the richest moisturisers I’ve tried, it doesn’t feel heavy or suffocating on the skin which I’m really grateful for as the weather has been so hot and humid within the UK recently. I now have the Magic Night and Magic Eye Rescue creams on my wishlist as I’m enjoying the Magic Cream so much.

Charlotte Tilbury The Gift of Red Carpet Skin Gift Set

Charlotte Tilbury Super Model Body Visibly Slimmer, Shimmer, Shape, Hydrate & Glow 15ml

The Charlotte Tilbury Super Model Body was the only product within the set which I can’t get away with using unfortunately as my skin is so extremely pale, which is such a shame as it has such a nice formula. It’s a ‘slimming body shimmer’ that contains FermiProtect which is a wild shitake extract that protects the collagen fibres in the skin, making your skin look and feel firmer, toned and supple, as well as caffeine that detoxes the skin tissues, reducing unevenness and any puffiness. 

Aloe Vera and Allantoin soothe and comfort the skin, whilst Menthol has an instant cooling sensation which helps to stimulate blood circulation. The lotion is a deep bronze shade which is loaded with stunning golden shimmer, and it’s easy to see why it’s loved by the likes of Kim Kardashian. I imagine it’d look amazing with a tan on holiday, and the full size product comes with a roller applicator which is genius for an even, mess free application.

Charlotte Tilbury The Gift of Red Carpet Skin Gift Set

Charlotte Tilbury Multi-Miracle Glow Cleanser, Mask & Balm for Baby Soft Skin 15ml

The Charlotte Tilbury Multi-Miracle Glow is a three in one balm breakthrough and features ingredients to moisturise, cleanse and delay signs of ageing. 100% of (100 tested) users agreed their skin looked and felt smoother after using the Multi-Miracle Glow.

• It’s a 3-in-1 skin remedy: a deep cleansing face balm, a regenerating mask and an SOS remedy that you can use on cuticles, elbows, heels and shins.

• Organic Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil stimulates micro-circulation and enhances epidermal renewal for a refreshed, smooth complexion.

• Nourishing Vitamin A improves skin firmness, energising Vitamin C promotes youthful skin and anti-oxidant Vitamin E moisturises and fights free radicals for luminous skin.

• Rosehip and camellia oils regenerate, restructure and hydrate your skin to delay signs of ageing.

To use the Multi-Miracle Glow as a deep cleansing anti-wrinkle wash, start by applying to a dry face, all over by massaging in with Charlotte’s Pro Collagen Wonder Workout Technique I mentioned above, and wash off. As an overnight regenerating facial mask, cleanse as in step one, then apply a thin layer all over the face, avoiding the eye contour.

Massage in using the workout technique and leave on for 10 minutes, or overnight for best results, then wash off the excess. Then to use it as a beauty balm simply apply to targeted area and massage in. It’s so strange to me that a product can be used to cleanse the skin and be left on the skin as a balm so I was a little sceptical at first incase it felt heavy or greasy on the skin.

It feels like a thick gel and it doesn’t absorb like a moisturiser so I feel it may not work for those with oily skins. It does feel a little heavy on the skin so I don’t think it will be for everyone as you will feel it for the duration it’s on the skin if you use it as a mask. My preferred use is as a balm on my cuticles, knees, ankles and dry patches as it’s very nourishing and smoothing and doesn’t just disappear the moment you apply it to the skin.

I think it’d be particularly amazing when travelling by airplane as you could use it as an hydrating mask to combat any dryness from the pressurised cabin, and all of the products within the Charlotte Tilbury The Gift of Red Carpet Skin are under the 100ml volume limit so they’re ideal for travel.

I think the Charlotte Tilbury The Gift of Red Carpet Skin Gift Set is such a great gift idea for any female of any age as you don’t have to know their skin type as they’re bound to be able to use the majority of the products within the set. The Charlotte Tilbury The Gift of Red Carpet Skin Gift Set is so stunningly presented and is guaranteed to impress the recipient, and potentially introduce them to a brand they’ve never tried before.

My favourite product within the set would have to be a tie between the Magic Cream and the Goddess Skin Clay Mask but overall the Charlotte Tilbury The Gift of Red Carpet Skin Gift Set is a fantastic set and a brilliant way to sample multiple Charlotte Tilbury skincare products.

What do you think of the Charlotte Tilbury The Gift of Red Carpet Skin Gift Set?

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