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How Effective is Natural Toothpaste?!

Nano-b Organic Mint Toothpaste Review

Dental care products aren’t particularly glamorous, but they’re relevant as they’re products that hopefully everyone uses every single day. I have very sensitive teeth and gums, and although I like the results from using a sonic toothbrush, I sometimes find that the sonic technology can be a little too rigorous for my sensitive teeth and gums, so I prefer to use a manual toothbrush for everyday use.

There are hundreds of manual toothbrushes to choose from, but the best manual toothbrush I’ve ever tried are the Nano-b Toothbrushes which I first featured on my blog back in 2015. Following the success of the Nano-b toothbrush collection, they launched the Nano-b Organic Mint Toothpaste which I really couldn’t wait to try as I’d never tried an organic toothpaste before.

Nano-b Organic Mint Toothpaste Review

With blogging I’m fortunate enough to be constantly trying new products but the Nano-b Antibacterial Toothbrushes are still my favourite for my many reasons. Nano-b have two types of toothbrush to choose from; the Nano-b Charcoal and Gold Toothbrush or the Nano-b Silver Toothbrush, both of which have different benefits. I had absolutely no idea that the average toothbrush contains around 10 million germs including a high percentage of potentially fatal bacteria such as staphylococci, streptococci, E.Coli and candida. This bad bacteria can lead to illness, bad breath, cavities and gum disease which is quite alarming to say the least.

I’ve listed the benefits of the toothbrushes below but for me, they really are superior to any other manual toothbrush as the bristles don’t splay and become misshapen whatsoever. Due to the sensitivity of my gums, they bleed very easily so I always have to throw away my toothbrushes as soon as they begin to change shape but the bristles stay perfect with the Nano-b brushes. They’re such a good size too as they cover the surfaces of the teeth whilst also being slightly tapered so you can get to the harder to reach places too.

Gold – Half of the Charcoal & Gold bristles are impregnated with genuine gold particles which help to safeguard your toothbrush from bacteria, keeping your toothbrush clean and safe.

Charcoal – The other half of the bristles are impregnated with bamboo charcoal particles which are known for their natural whitening and toxin absorbing qualities so the charcoal helps to keep your teeth to stay clean and white.

Silver – The Silver brush features genuine silver impregnated bristles which safeguard your toothbrush from bacteria to keep your toothbrush cleaner and safer.

Benefits of the Nano-b Toothbrushes

Double Bristle Structure – featuring a combination of long, ultra-thin bristles and short, oval bristles which remove plaque more effectively. The longer, fine bristles imitate flossing action and are able to clean plaque in the harder to reach places such as between your teeth and under your gum line whilst the shorter bristles tackle the bigger surfaces of the teeth.

Rounded Bristle Tip Edges – Scientifically rounded bristle tips protect the soft tissue within the mouth from scratches and cute, making Nano-b ideal for people suffering from sensitive or bleeding gums.

Travel Case – Each Nano-b toothbrush comes in its own handy travel case, ideal for storage and travel.

Lasts up to 6 months – Nano-b bristles are more durable and fray much less that standard brush’s bristles, which combined with its antibacterial features, means you can safely use your Nano-b brush for up to 6 months, before getting a new one.

Nano-b Organic Mint Toothpaste Review

The Nano-b Organic Mint Toothpaste 75ml £8.99 is made in Australia and contains 95% certified organic ingredients. Seeing as I’ve never tried an organic toothpaste before, I have to admit I didn’t have high hopes in trying one as I assumed it wouldn’t be as effective as a standard chemical laden toothpaste. The toothpaste contains an unique blend of pure organic ingredients which clean and protect your teeth in a natural way.

It is made with 100% natural and 95%+ Australian Certified Organic ingredients, and are free from all nasty and potentially dangerous/controversial ingredients such as fluoride, SLS, triclosan, glycerin, artificial sweeteners, carrageenan, parabens, detergents, sulphates, artificial colours, synthetic chemicals, animal ingredients, artificial fragrances, mineral oils, phosphates, petroleum by-products, tar derivatives, fillers.

In terms of ingredients which are inside the toothpaste, they have aloe vera, sea salt, essential oils and herbal extracts to given an holistic experience whilst cleaning, protecting and freshening the mouth. It’s vegan-friendly, cruelty free as well as being travel friendly in a 75ml tube. The consistency of the paste is a little different to conventional toothpastes as it doesn’t contain chemical additives and detergents, instead it’s more like a gel with a lovely minty scent.

Even though it doesn’t contain foaming additives, it does still slightly foam within the mouth to thoroughly clean the tooth and gums. I have to be honest, I’ve never considered how harmful a toothpaste is especially as it’s something you use so often but now I know there’s a natural alternative which I find to be just as effective I’m completely sold. It’s the type of product you have to try yourself to see how effective it is, but I do have a promotional code for you – by using GEMMA on the Nano-b website, you’ll get 25% off until the end of July so you’ll be able to try it for yourself and hopefully you’ll be as impressed as I have been…

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