Trish McEvoy 24Hr Eyeshadow and Liners

11th July 2017

Trish McEvoy 24Hr Eyeshadow and Liners

Cream eyeshadow sticks are one of the best makeup inventions as you can literally swipe one all over your eyelid and then blend the edges with either your fingertip or a brush for a ten second makeup look so whenever I’m short on time, I reach for my cream eyeshadow collection. My favourite cream eyeshadow sticks until now have been the Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks but I love trying new formulas, and I’ve heard amazing things about the Trish McEvoy 24Hr Eyeshadow and Liners so I couldn’t wait to try them especially as the shades are all so pretty. The Trish McEvoy 24Hr Eyeshadow and Liners £24 are available to purchase from Liberty London within the UK with five shades to choose from; Topaz, Smokey Emerald, Smokey Quartz, Rose Quartz and Crystal Grey.

Trish McEvoy 24Hr Eyeshadow and Liners

The Trish McEvoy 24Hr Eyeshadow and Liners are described as being creamy, pigment-rich, shimmering eyeshadow pens which glide smoothly onto lid or lash line for endless shading and eye defining options with maximum crease-proof staying power. I never normally have issues with my cream eyeshadow pencils creasing on my eyelids as I have dry skin, but I do always use an eyeshadow primer as a base regardless what eyeshadow product I use. The packaging of the Trish McEvoy pens is really gorgeous with a golden, chrome casing which is fully retractable and the lids close tightly on the pens to stop them from becoming dried out.

Trish McEvoy 24Hr Eyeshadow and Liners

From the shades on offer I have Smokey Quartz, Rose Quartz and Topaz but all of the shades within the Trish McEvoy 24Hr Eyeshadow and Liners range are beautiful, and are super wearable. Smokey Quartz is the most stunning, multi-dimensional purple toned taupe. Rose Quartz is a soft rose gold shade which contains subtle shimmer compared to Smokey Quartz, which has more of a metallic shimmer effect.

Finally Topaz is an amazing golden bronze which will suit every single skintone and eye colour. The formula of these eyeshadow sticks is extremely creamy and soft, so when you apply to the eyelids there is absolutely no tugging or pulling whatsoever, it just glides over the lid and they’re so easy to blend. Once you’ve applied directly from the stick, you have around 30 seconds ‘playtime’ to blend and smudge them before they set and once they’re set, they’re staying put until you use a decent makeup remover.

My favourite shade from the trio has to be Smokey Quartz as it’s so unique and looks so different in different lights, but I’m also loving using Rose Quartz all over the lid and then using Topaz or Smokey Quartz in the outer corner which makes it look like I’ve used multiple different shades when in reality I’ve just used two eyeshadow sticks and it took no more than a minute. Eyeshadow sticks are just so convenient and easy to use, but the Trish McEvoy 24Hr Eyeshadow and Liners are seriously stunning too and I wish they had more shades as I’d buy them all as they’re the best cream eyeshadow stick formula I’ve tried.

Have you ever tried any Trish McEvoy products? Do you have any product recommendations?

Trish McEvoy 24Hr Eyeshadow and Liners 1
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