The YSL Beauty Brow Wardrobe

The YSL Beauty Brow Wardrobe Review and Swatches

I really can’t believe that I used to leave my brows without any product in them around four to five years ago, as I find that by doing my brows it really does help to frame my face. I have naturally full very dark brown brows, so I don’t need to do very much to them on a daily basis but recently I’ve been utilising the YSL Beauty Brow Wardrobe within my makeup routine and I’m in love.

The whole YSL beauty range is seriously stunning with its black and gold colour scheme, and beautiful formulas to match and I can’t recall ever being disappointed by a YSL beauty product. The YSL Beauty Brow Wardrobe consists of four different products allowing you to choose which product/s will work best for your brows depending on your personal preference.

The YSL Beauty Brow Wardrobe Review and SwatchesThe YSL Beauty Brow Wardrobe Review and Swatches

YSL Couture Brow Palette £35

The YSL Couture Brow Palette is available in two shade shade options depending on the colour of your brows; 1 Light Brown and 2 Dark Brown, and I have the ‘Dark Brown’ palette from the YSL Beauty Brow Wardrobe which is the perfect match for my very dark brown bordering on black brows.

The palette is a nice and compact size with a gold metallic finish which opens to reveal a mirror within the lid, alongside a three colour powder pan as well as a couple of miniature brow tools. Tool wise the palette contains adorable mini YSL branded tweezers in a matte black finish as well as a mini YSL angled brush for using with the powders. Sometimes tools within brow palettes can be a poor quality but this duo is pretty good as far as mini tools go.

The palette contains three shades of brow powder so you can create your custom brow shade, and opt for an ombré effect using a lighter shade in the inner third of your brow which gradually blends into a darker shade for the outer two thirds of the brow.

The first shade is a little light and warm for my brows so I like to use this as an eyeshadow but all three shades work effectively as eyeshadows so it’s good for travel if you want multi-use products as you could even use the darkest shade as a liner with the angled brush too. The powders are soft and easy to use, and they have really great staying power too with a natural satin finish which never looks too harsh.

The YSL Beauty Brow Wardrobe Review and SwatchesThe YSL Beauty Brow Wardrobe Review and Swatches

YSL Dessin des Sourcils Eyebrow Pencil £21

The next product within the YSL Beauty Brow Wardrobe is their eyebrow pencil which is available in four shade options; Dark Brown, Glazed Brown, Ash and Ebony. Described as being the ultimate eye makeup essential, this dual-ended precision pencil with a spoolie brush which ‘shapes, shades and defines brows for a beautifully natural look’.

From the four shades on offer, I have Ebony which is the darkest and is a very dark brown but it can look black depending on how hard you press with the nib of the pencil. I know everyone has their preference with brow pencils on how firm they like the nib to be, but I personally prefer a firmer pencil as they allow for more precise, hair-like strokes and the YSL Eyebrow Pencil is perfectly firm and the spoolie is very effective at softening and blending the brows.

The YSL Beauty Brow Wardrobe Review and SwatchesThe YSL Beauty Brow Wardrobe Review and Swatches

YSL Couture Brow Marker £21

Next up we have the YSL Couture Brow Marker which is unique to any other brow product I’ve tried as it has a large, angled felt tip nib which was designed to give precise control to easily achieve the ‘most natural to the boldest of brow looks’. I’ve tried brow markers before with much smaller, finer nibs but never a nib as large as this one and I was a little intimidated at first as it is so angular.

There are two shades to choose from; Light Brown and Dark Brown, and naturally I have the darker option which claims to offer upto twelve hours of wear. The nib is large, but due to the angled shape you can choose to do thin or thick strokes which I tried to show in the above swatch photo, but the fine lines of the skin on the back of my hand weren’t very conducive.

Even though the nib is a little intimidating, the ‘ink’ from the marker is quite muted so you don’t have to worry about scary “sharpie brows” as it reminds me of a watercolour marker pen rather than a standard, bold marker. You can create finer strokes by using the tip of the pen, or thicker bolder strokes by using the pen on its side. I prefer to use the marker within the outer third of my brows within the tail as it’s the boldest section of my brow.

If you don’t like bold brows, I don’t think this marker will be for you but if you do prefer bolder brows, this marker is well worth a try as it’s insanely long lasting (well over twelve hours weartime) and would be a good option if you were going swimming or in extreme heat as it doesn’t budge whatsoever unless you use a good quality makeup remover.

The YSL Beauty Brow Wardrobe Review and SwatchesThe YSL Beauty Brow Wardrobe Review and Swatches

YSL Beauty Brow Wardrobe YSL Couture Brow Mascara £22

The final product within the YSL Beauty Brow Wardrobe is the YSL Couture Brow Mascara which was the product I was most looking forward to trying as I love a good brow mascara. Although I love a perfectly polished brow, I just don’t have the inclination to perfect my brows on a daily basis so a tinted brow mascara is my go-to option as they tend to give definition, hold and a colour in just a couple of strokes.

There are to shades to choose from; 01 Glazed Brown and 02 Ash Blonde, and I have Glazed Brown which is the darkest of the two and is a cool toned dark brown. I am really impressed with the dark shades within the YSL Beauty Brow Wardrobe as they’re not too warm or red toned like a lot of dark brown brow products tend to be, but all of the shades I own are brilliantly cool toned. The brush is the perfect size to coat the brow hairs, and the tapered shape allows me to coat my brow hairs without smudging it all over my skin and is without a doubt my top pick within the brow collection as it’s such a fantastic brow mascara.

I would love to know if you’ve tried any of the products within the YSL Brow Wardrobe? Do you have a favourite?

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