eSalon Color Care Travel Trio

Have you ever heard of eSalon?! I never had until recently but they’re a really exciting haircare brand which allow you to create your own custom hair colours on their website. They will assign you, your very own colour expert that will review your profile you make on their site, and will blend a formula especially for your individual hair type.

I’ve never heard of any brand quite like eSalon, but they are a three-time winner of Allure’s “Best Home Color” award, offering salon-grade pigment a that provide complete gray coverage and rich, long-lasting results. What’s more impressive is that that they even have a 100% colour happiness guarantee to prove their claims.

Considering eSalon offer a custom colour service, I expected their service to be quite pricey but I’m genuinely very surprised at how affordable their colours are. For a ‘Custom Hair Colour’ your first order is just £7, and if you set up an auto delivery option, it’ll be £14 each time. They are also currently developing a ‘Custom Highlights’ option too. Whenever I’ve bought a box hair dye, it’s always set me back around £8-£10 so I think their custom colour service is very well priced.

eSalon Color Care Travel Trio

Unfortunately I’m not able to dye my hair anymore using hair dye as I’ve developed contact dermatitis which is so gutting as I’ve dyed my hair ever since I was 14. If however you are able to dye your hair, you’ll know how challenging it can be to try and maintain your colour and condition of your hair, so it’s often best to use haircare products which are especially designed for colour treated hair.

The eSalon Color Care Travel Trio is £15 and contains three travel sized haircare products that protect colour, adds strength and boosts shine and are all safe for color-treated hair. The eSalon Color Care Travel Trio comes with an handy clear zippable travel pouch as well as; the eSalon Heart Lock It Sulfate Free Shampoo, the eSalon Love Unconditionally Gentle Conditioner and the eSalon Shining Armour Nourishing Treatment.

eSalon Color Care Travel Trio Contents:

eSalon Color Care Travel Trio

eSalon Heart Lock It Sulfate Free Shampoo
“We know there’s nothing worse than stepping out of the shower and seeing dulled, lackluster strands so our sulfate-free formula expertly cleanses while maintaining your color. Extra gentle on your scalp, you’re left with soft, manageable and colorfully vibrant hair.”

eSalon Color Care Travel Trio

eSalon Love Unconditionally Gentle Conditioner
“Color-treated hair needs special care. Our nourishing formula ensures you’re completely safeguarded against color fade every time you wash as well as feeling ultra-hydrated (without weighing your strands down). Dry off to hair that feels softened, detangled and strengthened — as well as remaining colorfully rich.”

eSalon Color Care Travel Trio

eSalon Shining Armour Nourishing Treatment
“This is a must-have on our stylist station. It’s a super versatile, lightweight treatment oil that can be used on its own to glide over your hair for added hydration and glow-factor, or mixed into any leave-in or styler. Think of this argan + coconut oil blend as your secret weapon for seriously luscious locks.”

I think the eSalon Color Care Travel Trio would be a great introductory set if you’re new to the eSalon brand, or you’re looking for some good quality travel sized haircare products for an upcoming holiday as you’re worried about the sun, sea and chlorine taking its toll on your tresses. Even though I don’t have coloured hair anymore, they’re really lovely products and they also have the eSalon Body and Bounce Volume Travel Trio if you’re looking for adding more volume rather than protecting your hair colour, and again the set is only £15.

I would love to know if you’ve ever tried eSalon? What do you think of being able to custom blend your own hair colour?!

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